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San Diego Bitcoin ATM at Downtown Johnny Brown's has never charged more than 5% - previous poster is mistaken.

I set the machine for the client myself to +5%. As a side note, this machine was taken out of service for a couple weeks due to a hardware upgrade (remember the phony $100 bill I reported a few weeks ago?) and we just reactivated it a few days ago. So, I have no idea where the 12% claim comes from.
At any rate, we have many satisfied customers and they can all attest to the fact that we have never charged more than a 5% premium.
Steven Michaels
EDIT: Maybe there was an anomaly while the machine was out of service? I'm curious to know what day he was there. The machine was turned off for the better part of two weeks (from the 9th - 25th) and was taken out of the location over the weekend for service. We just put it back in two or three days ago on Sunday.
EDIT #2: BitttBurger at any rate, we want to make your friend happy and win him as a loyal customer. Please message me and we will give him his next trade FREE.
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Downtown San Diego /r/Bitcoin

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Downtown San Diego /r/Bitcoin

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Another Skyhook Bitcoin Vending Machine goes live in San Diego: Downtown Johnny Brown's

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San Diego Bitcoin Meetup. Thu Apr 2 at Downtown Johnny Brown's

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San Diego, CA, USA Next Stop on the North American Bitcoin Car Giveaway Tour. 6:30pm - 8:30pm @ Downtown Johnny Browns. See you there~!

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We just got our first bitcoin atm. Go San diego.

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Dear BTM owner in San Diego: Nobody's using your BTM because you're charging a 12% fee. A message to all BTM owners...

Had a buddy who was looking to spend some serious cash at your machine in San Diego last week. He turned right around and walked out when he saw your price markup.
I've bitched about this numerous times regarding BTM's. One of the greatest new potential sources of widespread adoption is being ruined because the owners are charging well above the market rate for BTC.
Likewise, I've been verbally scolded by BTM owners here telling me that they're in this to make money, and I should keep my nose out of it. But hey. That's fine with me. You're losing customers. Discouraging new Bitcoin adoption, thereby reducing the chances your own coins will be worth a lot one day, and losing money in the interim. Seems like a smart business model to me. /s.
EDIT: it was at the BTM located at Downtown Johnny Brown's.
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 265 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 112.2 Uranium One Witnesses - The Real Lambert or Fake Campbell Soup? - YouTube
    • It's day 112 and it's part 2 and there's some new breaking news about Campbell here
    • As you know in the past we've done a lot of shows about 75 days ago on Mark Lambert
    • And the difference between Campbell being kind of more of a K Street guy
    • He's being represented by two K Street lawyers that live there that work extremely close like right across the street from him
    • More of a kind of an interface between Washington DC and the FBI let's say and the nuclear industry
    • Whereas Mark Lambert being a Navy Intel guy, knows all the logistics, knows all the nuclear science, knows all the languages, I mean just really deep expert in this whole trade
    • We're talking all the way the whole nuclear cycle--from the ore to the Kroupnick crushers, to the yellowcake, to the spinning of the Uranium in Paducah, to the--making fuel out of it for the different Duke Energy plants, all the way to getting into the plant the nuclear fuel rod plant in Tennessee, to getting it into the Navy ships an electric boat at the at the shipyards in Mobile, and the shipyards in Wilmington, and the shipyards in Groton, Connecticut--
    • So he knows the whole cycle, as well as when the rods come back from those different ships
    • And how to bring them through South Carolina
    • And then bring them up to Sharon Harris for storage
    • And then use of that MOX fuel for hey let's use this MOX fuel that has these plutonium for CANDU reactors around the world
    • Why why do we want to store this?
    • Let's let's use this nuclear fuel cycle
    • So Campbell being really kind of really kind of a bagman--I hate to say it--Lambert being the real expert
    • And this is where an informed public really can say hey look I don't--you didn't give me enough detail with the John Solomon's story here
    • With--there was some yellowcake that went to Europe and some yellowcake that went to Asia
    • That's not specific enough
    • You didn't give me enough information about what what is this STX spin-off?
    • This sport transport logistics
    • What is this why the soccer balls in Sialkot
    • What's what's going on there
    • You're doing Uranium One day and then you're talking about cake and soccer balls
    • The next day you're talking about envy cylinders going back to to Piketon Ohio
    • What's going on there? Don't quite understand that
    • So this Uranium One story is developing second thing to support my theory that--Hilary spent most of her time on these one-two-three agreements here
    • Is just looking at the NNSA and looking at the agreements
    • And looking at the dates of the agreements
    • And seeing most of them were signed when she was either shadow Secretary of State in 1997, with Argentina,
    • Or with Australia, when she was Secretary of State
    • Shadow Secretary of State with Brazil
    • CANDU is Canada becomes the kind of surreptitious partner
    • If there's a problem there's no one-two-three agreement, we'll just start the program with Canada, and we'll take our National Lab information and we'll give it to them
    • China with Kerry being kind of a stand-in secretary of state
    • Moving down here to the European and International atomic energy
    • These are kind of like brokers for anybody
    • They can take technology for Europe or Asia for our yellowcake right
    • Now India was signed by Bush
    • But then as well as Indonesia and Japan
    • But then look at Kazakhstan. Kind of comes in at the end and that's where this megatons to megawatts kind of comes in
    • And they've been used to getting away with
    • They've been used to branding this and having a--person like Share Blue media come in and David Brock and and--paint the pretty pictures
    • And everybody goes hey that sounds like a good idea
    • Take nuclear weapons and then make--nuclear fuel out of it--what a great idea
    • When in actual fact something very different is happening at the ground level
    • And that's why I like the Mark Lambert's of the world, that actually deal with it on the ground level you could even see here that Morocco--scales up its program
    • And then Norway signs a deal the day before Trump--I think Podesta may have been in Norway during that negotiation right there at the end
    • And then of course the Russian Federation while Hillary signs it's one two three well
    • Hillary is there
    • South Africa comes in with Marc Rich this is the influence of Marc Rich
    • Switzerland, Marc Rich, I think there's a lot of reactors in Switzerland that we don't know about buried deep beneath the hills there
    • That's Allen Dulles type thinking
    • As well as Taiwan and Turkey
    • So this really is where the money is--a thousand times more valuable, I think the HEU then the gold
    • Now here's the mixed oxide fuel
    • And the nice part about mixed oxide fuel--this could be coming from weapons programs right
    • So it could utilize surplus weapons-grade Uranium
    • And then you can use it in these CANDU reactors--these fast reactors okay
    • So you could build those CANDUs in China you can build them in Iran you could build them in Pakistan you can build them in India South Africa all over the world, through Canada, and there you go you're in business
    • And then you can sign the nuclear deal later on--the one two three agreement later on
    • And here's your can do reactors and I think this--the partnership with Trudeau's have been it's been a long time
    • Not just the current Trudeau, but the father--they had a very strong relationship with the Clintons--a good business relationship
    • And again, you can use and leverage--if you insert yourself and infiltrate yourself into these national laboratories with Awan-type infiltration program--it really works well
    • And I think these Dukes--these are the kind of the insiders
    • They consider themselves maybe the knowledge Dukes
    • And I think they have some progenitors that they look to and
    • They go--there was almost smart Nazi scientists this is released--celebrated there's a facility I visited in northern France, which is the Peda Munda v2 rocket plant
    • It's incredibly automated for 80 years ago, really quite impressive
    • And then there's this kind of the the bad boy of the bunch--that was not a Nazi u-boat commander the wolf pack
    • This is the--Navy irregular warfare under--three three three 333 half evil--the Wolf Pack idea
    • And I think really the Dukes if the Dukes had any attitude, it would be more like the Nazi u-boat commander kind of thing
    • A stealth infiltration etc
    • And then there's a good heap of of Nazi Intelligence thrown in there as well in this group in the Dukes
    • This is where I think the FBI side of the Dukes is
    • Not the Navy Intel side, but more the FBI side which is really the same thing I guess
    • But man this looks like Rod Rosenstein
    • Having seen Rod Rosenstein up close, I thought it was Reinhardt Gehlen when I saw him
    • I said that's not Rod Rosenstein that's Rhinehart Gehlen
    • And somebody said no no that's he's testifying in front of Congress
    • That's Rod Rosenstein
    • So anyway but what the Nazis did Indian Intel did was their strategy was hey we're not strong--in Africa as the US or Britain especially Britain England
    • So we're gonna develop these groups
    • We're gonna leverage these current groups that are on the ground and to get the mining
    • Get the land get the Uranium, get the gold, get them molybdenum whatever they needed right for war
    • And isn't Isis that exact same thing?
    • Isn't really aren't the Awans really just an expression of the old Nazi modus operandi?
    • Now I'm not saying these current dukes are Nazis
    • But there is kind of this Pax urania, through our Intelligence and through our knowledge into our brainpower, and through our knowledge of military, and through our knowledge of Intelligence, we're going to end up ruling the world through this valuable resources that's worth a thousand times more than gold
  • Day 120.3. Revenge of the Nuclear Nazis - YouTube
    • Day 112 as part 3 it's a beautiful day here in Washington even though it is quite cold still
    • So the latest news was this fake police force
    • Now we had a fake police officer here in our lobby after a Task Force's room was turned over
    • Then a very solid female cop came in, very professional, was filling out a police report
    • She left the room said I'll be right back
    • And then Task Force came down about an hour later, because nobody came back up to the room
    • And there was this fake cop there a guy, with a beard, tattoo, looked like he just had put on his shirt, and fake badge, and fake gun
    • Or a real gun but--didn't--looked very sloppy and disheveled
    • Not an authoritative police officer
    • Well this is exactly what Kamala Harris was her staff was just busted for
    • Having a fake police force fake badges--may have been at the Auto Auction--for police cars
    • But are being used now under the color-of-law as real police cars
    • And that is pretty much what Kamala Harris got busted for
    • So was was were they telling the truth? Was Task Force telling the truth?
    • I think she was because I was there
    • I do also know that at a very high level lieutenant commander in the Navy was here at 5:30 in the morning
    • Because I came down and begging for the for the security cam footage
    • Because this fake cop squared off,
    • When Task Force demanded to have a police report done, and said you're a police officer, that's your job, he squared off
    • Did not unholster the weapon but grabbed the weapon and squared off on her
    • So this is something that is real
    • And if you don't think JTTF runs this--then well you don't have to think that
    • But JTTF is in this position of being a part of a program and a Counterintelligence side
    • That got developed 20 years ago with John Brennan
    • And Andy McCabe was the knight in shining armor inside the FBI, fixing all the little--being the hands and feet of John Brennan
    • And they have infiltrated the FBI through the Counterintelligence division
    • It's just the way it happened
    • Same way that the Nazis they came over here in Fort Hunt
    • And the Counterintelligence division of the Nazis got into the CIA same exact way
    • So and then this whole idea of Nuclear Nazi
    • Oh by the way then it was a Navy guy that asked for the tape--he got the tapes
    • And he reported to the Chief of Naval Operations
    • Again, down at NAVSEA Navy Sea Command in Navy yard
    • So it all roads lead to the Navy Yard
    • Not just Washington DC
    • They lead to the Navy Yard
    • And so there's this kind of group of thousand 100 partners these Frank Giustra partners
    • I'm not saying they're all Navy
    • I'm not saying they're all FBI
    • I'm not saying they're all CIA
    • I'm not saying they're all Wall Street types and mining types
    • But it's it's it's a group it's a consortium of about eleven hundred of them
    • So anyway they are acting like Nuclear Nazis
    • So that's why I call them the Nuclear Nazis
    • And they do bear an awful strong resemblance to Rhinehart Galen Rod Rosenstein
    • And Mueller certainly looks very much like Heinrich Mueller
  • Day 112.4. Kamilla Harris and Becerra’s Weird Navy Freemasons - YouTube
    • It's day 112--this is part four
    • And we've got some Senators looking like they're leaving now
    • Maybe there won't be a vote today the budget bill
    • Looks like Rand Paul may have introduced a late amendment to cap the budget, which I can see his point
    • 160 billion dollar increase on the Republican side 131 billion dollar increase on the domestic side
    • So that's pretty pretty astonishing increase
    • The story that kind of resurfaced from 2016, speaking of Senators--the Senator from California Kamala Harris was they had this weird Freemasons group
    • And this is that Navy Intel our Navy Intel kind of Masonic group that is resurfacing in America over the last eight to nine years, when Hillary became Secretary of State
    • This this group I think we got some action
    • So anyway kind of this weird group kind of almost a Brownshirts kind of in feel
    • Paramilitary
    • And one of the guys was named Henry I believe--his name was David Henry
    • Did you get an ID?
    • There some kind of Grand Master whatever
    • But there is this kind of Navy Intel Freemasons weird paramilitary organization that Hillary has
    • There's these SES folks these senior executive service folks actually owned these things
    • They have names like first American security
    • And always American Eagle in the Sun security
    • And they're kind of like I would call them blue shirts
    • So it's almost like a TSA all the other shirts kind of look like the TSA
    • And it's it's a group of a family usually of about 50 to 60 people
    • And it's perfect for drug running
    • It's the perfect color-of-law--the Nazis are the same way when they got into South America
    • They needed to run and get something going in terms of money they started running drugs through Cuba, with a Helliwell plan
    • And it kind of reminds me of the same thing
    • It had that color-of-law feel that they didn't used to have, with MS-13 in LA area with the Crips and bloods...
    • So this it's almost like the Crips and bloods got older, and got better t-shirts or better security shirts
    • And now they are running the color-of-law operations in these major metropolitan cities especially ports
    • Now I'm also including Kansas City in that is a port
    • St. Louis as a port
    • The sky port in Phoenix...
    • But wherever there are those kind of Federal trade ports and Federal trade protection, it seems to be that's where the concentration of this Navy stuff is
    • And you have to go back to Carter Page
    • And again, no one in Washington seems to drill down
    • Carter Page being a member of the Hillary Clinton campaign team, transition team, Armed Services Committee team, and then he goes on to the Pentagon to work in nuclear non-proliferation
    • So I don't know what the hard part of this is
    • You just drill down to a couple Google searches, and find out he's been a part of the Clinton camp in terms of DoD in the Navy Intel for a long time
    • As long as Bannon as long as Bannon
    • So we'll we'll follow it along
    • We haven't got the memo yet from down at the White House
    • But we're waiting for that as well
    • So we'll see we'll we'll keep it and keep you posted as things as things occur
  • Day 112.6. Drilling Down On the Carter Page Narrative - YouTube
    • Day 112 here we are foot lights of Washington DC up there Barrick Gold and of course Fox News Fox News
    • Gonna be up there too probably tonight
    • It's gonna be beautiful
    • They're gonna cover this shutdown Schumer shutdown showdown Schumer shutdown showdown
    • So who knows it'll be exciting night
    • But I'm on a different story, which is really drilling down on this narrative
    • So many of the Washington narratives don't get drilled down on for instance where does Carter Page live in Washington DC 2111 2111 Wisconsin
    • Where is that close to?
    • Well you you probably remember DC classic motors classic motors DC was 4800 a little bit up the hill on Wisconsin Avenue
    • You remember all the embassies and all the stuff that was on Wisconsin Avenue
    • You probably remember American University
    • You probably remember Tenleytown
    • Friendship Heights
    • CA village up there
    • You probably remember eight Navy Intel and all that stuff and me all the other people that lived up there in our story
    • I think Charisse Pepingion lived up there right about 4800 5400 Wisconsin
    • So we know all that's up there we know about the Navy observatory we've gone there many times in this story
    • We know the Navy observatory is under the vice president
    • The vice president has the global view the eye of G.O.D. all over the world from the Navy observatory
    • Where does carter page live?
    • He lives on Navy observatory circle
    • 2111 I'm not joking here 2111 Navy observatory circle
    • I think he lives in apartment 224
    • Would love to talk to him
    • Who lives close to there who lives close to the British Embassy
    • Who trades thumb drives in the in the British Embassy parking lot?
    • Craig Murray!
    • Who else lives there? (hey scrunch)
    • Who else lives there? who else lives there? 3067 Whitehaven 3067 Whitehaven
    • You're never going to get away from 3067 whitehaven if you're Hillary Clinton, because that is how you get into the British Embassy at night--gotta have parties
    • 3067 Whitehaven about a five-minute walk from Carter Pages' place
    • Why is that important?
    • Well Carter Page is in the transition team of Hillary Clinton, in the campaign of Hillary Clinton, always seems to be hanging around the White House
    • Hanging around the down that way hanging around the West Wing always in talking about nuclear proliferation NNSA
    • Who knows? We got to ask these questions to Carter Page
    • But Carter Page goes to London
    • Does he meet Papadopoulos there?
    • He does three chances at his PhD
    • His prof. in London says he failed three times on his PhD--who knows? we got to find that out
    • He goes to Georgetown for his master's before that in political science
    • Let's ask him the question
    • What did you what what--what were you thinking national security
    • What was it what were you thinking?
    • So Carter Page is going to be the key to this whole narrative
    • Hey let's throw the president out
    • Let's impeach the president
    • Shouldn't we drill down on that story?
    • Shouldn't we drill down and find out who Carter Page is, before everybody gets thrown out of office?
    • Shouldn't we drill down on who George Papadopolis is
    • So that's what I'm gonna do
    • And Fox will be here tonight
    • They'll do their part we'll all get there
    • We're all going to get to the true narrative of what is really happening in Washington
    • Are these school plays or are we dealing with the truth?
  • Day 112.7. No Time For Mele Mouth Prattle - YouTube
    • Day 112 this is probably part six and
    • So this is going to be to the Fourth Estate right
    • And if you don't remember the Fourth Estate speech in British Parliament
    • It was Wilberforce, I believe, I believe
    • I could be wrong, but I believe it was Wilberforce
    • And he was the obviously the willing force against slavery, and the compelling force in the 1840s I think in Britain against slavery
    • And he is the one who gathered public opinion, even though the votes were against him
    • He was the one who gathered public opinion in Parliament, and said, "you gentlemen, you gentlemen, pointing to the gallery"
    • It very sexist then--no women reporters--the only man reporters of the post and the London Times
    • You gentlemen are the members that will ensure the right course of history
    • You gentlemen are the Fourth Estate
    • You gentlemen will guide the hand of history
    • You gentlemen are every bit as important as these three--the king, the Commons, and the Lords in our future
    • {{ 911: it's clergy, royals, people and press }}
    • And that was really the first time that ever in the parliamentary procedure that the press was recognized every bit as powerful as the Commons and the Lords and and the King
    • (Hey scrunch! Hey scruncherific! Scruncherif)
    • So I call on all journalists now to stop being a mealy-mouthed pablum repeating prattler
    • Stopping a mealy-mouthed pablum prattler
    • Dive down on these narratives
    • Dive down do the research
    • Do the tough digging that needs to be done to tell the truth
    • Carter Page being presented as a victim is ridiculous
    • George Papadopolis being presented as some kind of--oh just somebody who flew Deus Ex Machina into the Trump campaign is ridiculous
    • For whom does the Bell toll? For whom does the Bell toll it tolls for thee right--I can't remember that poem I can't remember that poem
    • Right now who wrote it anyway my point being that you need to dig this isn't the
    • The responsibility of the Fourth Estate isn't one of a mealy-mouthed prattler
    • A mealy-mouthed prattler is not good enough
    • OANN digs, other networks dig
    • It's time now to stop being a mealy-mouthed prattler and dig
  • Day 112.8. A Prayer For Our Country Tonight - YouTube
    • Day 112 part 8
    • And I just wanted to say it was John Donne do oh and he For Whom the Bell Tolls it tolls for thee
    • I hope the Senators Souls raise themselves to the
    • So the majesty of this Capitol tonight
    • And hopefully we we get a deal
    • We get beyond this--CR 2 CR 2 CR
    • And create some stability and
    • And we do a deal for the dreamers
    • We get--to 2 million whatever the number is
    • But with vetting
    • Michael McMahon with vetting
    • We need vetting
    • So that's my prayer for Washington tonight
    • And may all the Senators do the best they can for our country
  • Day 113.1 - Kamilla's Fake Navy Mason Cops With DEA Licenses - YouTube
    • Day one thirteen big day memo day
    • Just a quick review of yesterday it's in cars remember the Uranium is in cars that's going to be down at the Navy Yard real close to where that Democratic National Committee high-speed line is
    • I think the Dukes are going to be the key to this story, all the way through, these dukes of nuclear hazard
    • I'm talking about Anthony Weiner, and Cheryl Mills, and it's going to be the Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein bunch--all that bunch
    • The idea that mixed fuel Uranium and plutonium would come into the United States from Russia beginning in 1998, to a company called U.S. Enrichment, which the Dukes which the Dukes all put together with their hand-picked person that they put in there called the Kroupniks, and have Saipov truckers, truck it all around
    • The idea that none of that would be diverted, especially when you could create, and use a plant created in Canada called a CANDU reactor, to move and create and build these plants in China, over in Iran, as well as Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and you could divert that fuel there and make money rather than storing it and down blending it that's almost a waste product the fact that we did that and let that happen is a mockery on the taxpayers of the United States, as also we were gonna build a MOX plant down there, to burn this fuel
    • 30 billion dollars was spent
    • It's only 30 percent complete
    • Did that money go to these different power stations around the world?
    • I think it did
    • Uranium One is a big story it's gonna get bigger
    • So I'll talk about the Navy Yard here in a second
    • This weird police force--this story from a year ago, which is Kamala Harris's guiding keel is her assistant works with these 33 fake police forces in 33 different states
    • Are those of 33 Blackberries? We'll find out
    • We'll drill in a little bit more in the Naval Observatory
    • And then finally with Edmund Burke here saying the famous statement not Wilberforce
    • Wilberforce moved out slavery--he was a contemporary of Edmund Burke, but Edmund Burke gets credit for the Fourth Estate
    • So quickly moving to [Brandon Kiel][bk2]---this is this guy Henry, David Henry who died right before this 33 state investigation could really kick off
    • And Kiel here is Kamala Harris's kind of right-hand man literally right-hand man
    • So, again, this weird police force kind of weird it's like is this the perfect cover for color-of-law operations and drugs?
    • Absolutely I think it is of course we've got Campbell's Soup here
    • Now being offered up as a in testimony Uranium One we're still not getting to the key question of the day
    • And then I'll just go here to this weird Masonic Police Force
    • They even had their own badges
    • They even had their own weird badges
    • And of course all the heraldry and costuming that you would expect a Navy Masonic order to have
    • Quickly will move toward the Navy observatory here in little circle on the Navy observatory remember this is the eye of G.O.D.
    • You can see not only ship traffic all over the world all the different navies of the world, but also air traffic
    • You've got also foot traffic now, with some of these nano satellites
    • Here's your british embassy here's Craig Marie getting that hard drive for the DNC emails, right, and through the fence
    • And then of course you have Hillary's address here at 3067 White Haven
    • Very close
    • If you were working with somebody like, oh let's say a spy named Christopher Steelee, that would be convenient to be so close to the British Embassy
    • And then of course it's just a half mile walk over here to Wisconsin Avenue, where Carter Page lives
    • Now he lives suspiciously also close to the China China China Embassy, where you get the visas
    • He worked in San Diego
    • Is this the dragon distillery connection?
    • Is this the quad connection with Bannon?
    • Did he work with Bannon at the Pentagon?
    • None of this stuff is coming out yet, so it'd be interesting how this goes
    • Let's talked about another Navy location now down here at the Naval sea command system
    • This is the operational command
    • This is the Chief of Naval Operations and across the street of course we have the high speed line on fibre to the Democratic National Committee
    • Of course we've got the rail abbas cabs over here with--choose your cab, and a nice cover where we can meet somebody in a ball park with thousands and thousands of people
    • We ever get in trouble, we can go over the bridge here to Anacostia DHS--we're safe
    • We can take a helicopter over to Ocean City Maryland
    • And then fly down to Florida
    • And then get a jet anywhere where the FIVEEYES can take us
    • In New Zealand or Australia or else Canada or the UK, and we can still continue operations there
    • Do I think Imran worked here instead of downtown?
    • Yes I do, because the Rao Abbas cabs getting people started
    • Bringing them in in an infiltration program--or let's call it a paperclip operation--would be key to be near all this stuff
    • (sorry about that)
    • So anyway I'll just move on to the FISA, which is the last big story today
    • Over a year ago this is this is March 1st last year I talked about them getting a June warrant, because I saw--the the whole press leaks the press leaks
    • I didn't know that time about Papadopoulos, but the press leaks were happening in June
    • So I said if they are going to get have a color-of-law to cover this thing, you're gonna have to have a warrant in June
    • And I believed that there was a FISA court that met
    • But I saw their their time when they don't meet very often around July 12th
    • And I surmised that they tried to go to the FISA Court to overrule, maybe it would got rejected, and then they went to the FISA Court to get it approved
    • Or the other way around
    • Maybe it was rejected or maybe was approved and then it was overturned, later overturned
    • Probably was rejected first by Rudy, and then in June, and then they overturned that and approved it in July, since all three of these folks are Clinton appointees
    • But we'll see but
    • Here I was but so I still believe that signing July then goes to October, then goes to if it fits the timing better, and I still think that there was a FISA Court of review if Rudy Judge Rudy Contreras shot blocked the first FISA, which I think is the case
    • So that sets up today for the big memo the Schiff memo
    • We'll see what happens
    • And that is your morning report
  • Day 113.2 Navy Mason Fake Cops With DEA Licenses Got Their Blackberries at InterAmerican - YouTube
    • It's day 113 this is part 2
    • And sometimes all you have to do is put two stories together this story I did about 50 days ago in front of the Navy Lodge here in Washington DC
    • Remember enter America, Inter America is the company that Imran Awan worked for at this location
    • So is Imran Awan supplying 33 secure phones--33 secure phones--not a masonic number--but 33 secure phones for these Navy fake cops in these 33 states?
    • These Navy fake mason cops
    • I mean there they are there's the badge
    • I didn't make this up
    • So now I've seen my sister of color
    • I've seen my sister of color Maxine Waters associated with Mr. Henry Grand Wizard Henry here
    • I just want to say right now as a Cherokee, I totally want to defend my sister of color as being abused in this situation
    • She's obviously been tricked, hoodwinked, otherwise fooled by these grand Wizards of [whatever]
    • They they kind of I don't really think these are the same two people he does the beards not as big but maybe that is the same guy,
    • But anyway they died conveniently before these trials
    • Interestingly enough we were at the Capitol yesterday and Inter America was demonstrating all kinds of products--all kinds of food products inside, as well there's there being a lot of dreamers at inside the Rayburn office building yesterday
    • And I thought "wow what a great way to bring stuff into America"
    • Enter America through the food products, as I've said many many many times
    • So you can go back to me being in front of this Navy Lodge, I think all the way back a hundred and fifty days, probably further back
    • But this is where I think this is the Technology Center
    • This is where they're getting the people who are running the food products in and out
    • And I think it's gonna be a lot of different Inter-America products
    • But the people running them in and out of the United States are using Imran's Blackberries in these 33 states
    • We just find out what 33 states the Grand Wizard here is overseeing, I think you're going to find the answer
    • I think one of them is San Francisco, unfortunately
    • One of them is Nancy Pelosi's district
    • Even though this is the Los Angeles Times story and they were operating out of Chinatown Becerra's old place, I think they're also operating out of the Mission District in San Francisco and the the Navy Yard, down by the Embarcadero, where Kate Steinle was killed
    • I believe is one of the key entry points as well as across the bay in Oakland is another key entry point
    • And I believe we're gonna find the Masons are Masons there with Anthony Weiner's trusted staff's BlackBerry's there as well
  • Day 113.3 House of Russian Cards Collapsing - "Rich Kids" Scatter - YouTube
    • It's day 113 part 3 and the new face involved here is going to be this guy named Oleg Deripaska
    • Just think about a pasta like a seafood linguini Podesta pasta, daring you
    • Getting up and or maybe pointing a derringer at you the little pasta jumps up off the plate points a derringer at you
    • And then you'll never forget Oleg Deripaska
    • Why is he important? Because he's sort of a second generation from this Marc Rich generation
    • Marc Rich made a deal celled sold out Russia, basically
    • All the mineral wealth--he sold out Russia
    • And there was a episode I did a while back a long time ago 450 days ago--it was of a journalist sitting in the hotel I believe was the Moscow Hilton watching the White House in Moscow, being hit with shells, and them trying to do as many deals as they could with all the metals and mining in Russia
    • And I believe it was Boris Yeltsin's son-in-law
    • And I believe all like Deripaska knows that son-in-law pretty well
    • So Oleg got the aluminum company
    • But it was really all about a company called Glencore and I'll get there in a second
    • But now you've seen this come out or like Deripaska come out into this new controversy that we have with Mark Warner Senator Mark Warner
    • With Mark Warner trying to set up a meeting between Oleg Deripaska and also Mark Warner
    • So if you don't remember Oleg Deripaska he different Strzok for different folks
    • He's Andy McCabe's lifelong friend
    • Everywhere and he seemed to be here was Oleg Deripaska
    • This is a great article by by Thomas Paine last year, talking about how these Case Files wherever Oleg Deripaska was is where Andy McCabe was gonna find Andy McCabe has been involved Uranium One especially since 1998 every step along the way with Oleg Deripaska every step along the way
    • Read this article it's a great article
    • So if you haven't heard about the Mark Warner this is what Mark Warner looks like right there
    • He is trying to do a back-channel secret meeting with for Steele and an intermediary for this Russian oligarch
    • Now for some reason theHill does not name the Russian oligarch, which is Oleg Deripaska
    • And that is the the key thing here is "hey we got to get this story straight"
    • We got to somehow turn this around, get it back onto Trump, get it off of us
    • Somehow, some way, Mark Rubio thinks this back-channel type communication, in the midst of the embroiler that we're currently in, with trying to overthrow the president, is somehow a good idea--to defend this kind of ex-parte communication, which is highly suspect in the least
    • But as I said it all leads back to Glencore
    • Glencore buys Oleg Deripaska's company
    • Basically what they do is they shard it into many little companies
    • And then they bring them all back into Glencore
    • If you don't remember, Glencore was started by Marc Rich in 1990 or 1974
    • Long long history with the Clintons 44 years now
    • Again, as I said, this is all just oh yeah the Iran-Contra it's just now Awan-Contra they're the same to me now
    • So anyway metals and mining metals and mining metals and mining
    • That's what it is about
    • And all you have to do is go down to countries that we've learned about through Mark Lambert
    • Oh here's the Mopani mines that Glencore's in
    • I wonder if Mark Lambert's gonna be near the Malpani mine?
    • Oh Democratic Republic of Congo
    • I wonder if they're going to be near the Shinkolobwe mine?
    • Copper here--there's also going to be Uranium as Katanga down here in the Katanga province, right?
    • what they did is they took all these metal and mining information that the Russians had, and they just they just stole it!
    • I mean not stole it, but bought it for pennies on the dollar
    • I was actually in Czechoslovakia in 1989 while this is all going on
    • I witnessed it firsthand
    • A lot of it was being sold through Czechoslovakia at the time
    • Western Sahara, where have we heard that before? For the mining there, for the phosphate
    • And then of course these paradise papers came out
    • This isn't the Panama papers, but look at this guy named Dan Gertler, who was making all of these deals in Congo
    • And if you remember OFAC which is the overseas company overseas part of the Treasury Department, that seizes assets
    • Dan Gertler was one of the seven that was recently I think it was November December hit with sanctions
    • So this is all coming together
    • This is why the Rothschilds are selling too, because the Rothschilds are involved in this as well
    • And they don't want to lose their assets
    • They're gonna get it into Bitcoin as fast as possible
    • So this is really collapsing
    • I believe this guy Laufman who just left
    • And then I heard another aide outside of Reibeci just left of the FBI
    • This is collapsing so fast, it's hard to keep up with
    • It but we'll see where it goes Laufman would be great to get an interview
    • Somebody should enter on the internet should do a long-form interview with Laufman
    • Anybody who knows how to get a hold of Laufman, we'd love to interview them as well
    • You don't know where to start
    • Everything is collapsing so quickly, but we're gonna try
    • But it's all going to come back to Marc Rich
    • As we've said, Awan-Contra, Iran-Contra same thing
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THE CFB BOWL SCHEDULE IS RELEASED - Here is a fun state-by-state road trip guide for all of the bowl games!

Let me preface this post out with the fact that I am not in fact, financially able to do this, but it's fun to dream.
There are 7 states in America that host more than 1 CFB Bowl game. I thought, how cool would it be to do all the bowl games in one state, and it got me dreaming and scheming about how hard that would be. So I wrote up this little guide for the 2015 CFB Bowl Game Road Trip. You pick the state, I wrote ya a little guide about it. Hope this is as fun to read as it was to dream up!
ALABAMA - 3 games, over 11 days and 351 miles of travel
From here you would have 14 days in Alabama till the next bowl, which is roughly 100 miles away, or 1 hour and 30 min drive. Good luck with the 14 days in Alabama thing
From here you'd have one day to make the ~260 mile journey, which should take around 4 hours.
ARIZONA - 2 games, over 3 days and 27 miles of travel
  • GAME 1: Vizio Fiesta Bowl - December 31, 2014 - University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, AZ
    • Boise State 20 (Mountain West) vs Arizona 10
    Expect to see a lot of Arizona fans at this one, seeing how it's about a foot away from their campus. Should be a fun game against two ranked opponents! Boise State (11-2) will be coming into enemy territory away from their blue fields, to the desert.
From here you'd have to wait 2 days till the next game, which only a 30 minute drive away!
  • GAME 2: TicketCity Cactus Bowl - January 2, 2015 - Sun Devil Stadium - Tempe, AZ
    • Washington (PAC 12) vs Oklahoma State (BIG 12)
    The Washington Huskies (8-5) are coming off a big win against their instate rivals and head to the TicketCity Cactus bowl in the PAC 12's own Arizona State Sun Devil Stadium, a place they're familiar with this season with a loss. Can they redeem themselves in Tempe against the OK State Cowboys (6-6).
CALIFORNIA - 4 games, over 10 days and 812 miles of travel
  • GAME 1: Poinsettia Bowl - December 23, 2014 - Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego, CA
    • San Diego State (Mountain West) vs. Navy (Independent)
    Beautiful San Diego will be overran with in state SDSU Aztec fans, but I imagine there will be many Navy fans also due to the large Naval presence in the area! Looks to be a very fun atmosphere, between the Midshipmen (6-5) and the Aztecs (7-5)
From here you'd have 4 days to hang around, because your next bowl game would be in San Diego again (such bad luck /s).
  • GAME 2: Holiday Bowl - December 27, 2014 - Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego, CA
    • Nebraska (B1G) vs. USC (PAC 12)
    Once again, beautiful San Diego. This time, expect many USC Trojan (8-4) fans at this one. The Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-3) will be out to avenge their fired coach Pelini. But will he be coaching? Will Riley be coaching? Will @FauxPelini have hilarious tweets about it?! we'll wait and see.
From here you'll head off to Santa Clara, about a 7 hour drive, over 500 miles. You'd have 3 days to head up there and settle in for the next game!
  • GAME 3: Foster Farms Bowl - December 30, 2014 - Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara, CA
    • Maryland (ACC) (B1G) vs. Stanford (PAC 12)
    A pair of 7 and 5 teams meet in Santa Clara, California. Expect a bunch of Stanford folk at the game, should be a fun experience in the new Levi Stadium!
From here you'd have two days to drive 5 hours back down south to Pasadena.
  • GAME 4: Rose Bowl - January 1, 2015 - Rose Bowl Stadium - Pasadena, CA
    • FSU 3 (ACC) vs Oregon 2 (PAC 12)
    Obviously the big-daddy of the California games, this is going to be a big game whichever way it goes. Will Marcus Mariota be able to fall the mighty Seminoles? Or will the streak continue, and FSU win again in Pasadena?
FLORIDA - 8 games, over 12 days. Although it's only really plausible to see 7 games, over 12 days. Option A is 1,100 miles. Option B is 998 miles.
This is where the idea of this all happened, I live in Florida and go to college in Orlando, so I thought, "how cool would it be to go to all the bowl games in Florida?!".
  • GAME 1: Miami Beach Bowl - December 22, 2014 - Marlins Park - Miami, FL
    • BYU (Independent) vs. Memphis (AAC)
    Boy, oh boy. Football in a baseball stadium. Not just any baseball stadium, but the new Marlins Park. Some people love the stadium, some people hate it, but even less people have actually been. The Marlins aren't good at filling the stadium, so lets see if a very good Memphis team (9-3), and an equally good BYU team (8-4) can do better. Should be a good game, in an interesting setting.
From here you would have to travel about 50 minutes north on the east coast of Florida. Total distance is less than 60 miles, and would have 1 day to do so.
  • GAME 2: Boca Raton Bowl - December 23, 2014 - FAU Stadium - Boca Raton, FL
    • Marshall (Conference USA) vs. Northern Illinois (MAC)
    Two northern teams will get some reprieve from the cold in Boca Raton. The Thundering Herd are on a one loss season, and don't seem to be slowing down. They'll be facing a two loss Huskies team. Not a bad match up on a beautiful stadium.
From here you have 3 days to drive ~250 miles, about a 4 hour drive.
  • GAME 3: Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl - December 26, 2014 - Tropicana Field - St. Petersburg, FL
    • NC State (ACC) vs. UCF (AAC)
    UCF Knights (9-3) are coming off a season of ups and downs, but this bowl should be good to them seeing how it is an hour drive away from Orlando. I'd expect a lot of UCF fans to cheer on their Knights. This game will be played at Tropicana Field, another baseball stadium, and another one that isn't very good at filling up. We'll see how the Wolf Pack (7-5) can play under the Trop dome.
From here you'll have 3 days to travel 110 miles to downtown Orlando. An hour and a half drive.
  • GAME 4: Russell Athletic Bowl - December 29, 2014 - Florida Citrus Bowl - Orlando, FL
    • Clemson 17 (SEC) vs. Oklahoma (BIG 12)
    Clemson (9-3) are coming off a slow season to head to Mouse town to play the Sooners (8-4). This should be a good game, from 2 top level universities. The Citrus Bowl is newly renovated and should perform well for a CFB bowl game.
From here you'll have to head back down south to Miami. You'll have 3 days to make the 230 mile trip.
  • GAME 5: Capital One Orange Bowl - December 31, 2014 - Sun Life Stadium - Miami, FL
    • Mississippi State 7 (SEC) vs. Georgia Tech 12 (ACC)
    One of the bigger games in Florida, the Mississippi State Bulldogs (10-2) are coming off one hell of season, and were at one point, the force to reckon with. although they slightly fell from their graces, this still should be a very good game against the Yellow Jackets (10-3). Classic SEC vs ACC game in Miami.
From here you have 2 options, back to Tampa for the next bowl game. You've got 1 day to make the 4 hour trip, roughly 300 miles. OR you head back to Orlando
  • GAME 6a: Outback Bowl - December 1st - Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL
    • Auburn 19 (SEC) vs. Wisconsin 18 (B1G)
    Big game in Raymond James, which isn't a common thing to hear. The Auburn Tigers (8-4) will be taking on the Badgers (10-3) who got creamed in their last game by THE Ohio State. A win in this game, might help heal their wounds from the beating.
From here, you're headed up to Jacksonville. You have 1 day to make the 210 mile drive
  • GAME 6b: Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl - January 1, 2015 - Florida Citrus Bowl - Orlando, FL
    • Minnesota 25 (B1G) vs. Missouri 18 (SEC)
    Back in Orlando, for a game between the Golden Gophers (8-4) and the Tigers (10-3). The Gohpers and the Tigers have had some close losses.
From here, you'd head up to Jacksonville. You have 1 day to make the 220 mile drive
  • GAME 8: TaxSlayer Bowl - January 2, 2015 - EverBank Field - Jacksonville, FL
    • Iowa (B1G) vs. Tennessee (SEC)
    Your final game in Florida is capped off in Jacksonville. At the Jaguars new stadium, it's supposed to be beautiful and has swimming pools filled with their fans tears that you can swim in! The Hawkeyes (7-5) are coming off of a slow season to play the Vols (6-6), who are coming off an equally slow season with notable losses to the Gators and Mizzou.
LOUISIANA 3 games, over 12 days and 651 miles of travel.
  • GAME 1: R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl - December 20, 2014 - Mercedes Benz SuperDome - New Orleans, LA
    • Nevada (Mountain West) vs. UL LaFayette (SunBelt)
    When the hell did the SuperDome become the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome?! Regardless, good start to your Louisiana Bowl Road Trip. The Ragin Cajuns (8-4) will have a large following at the game, against the Wolf Pack (7-5)
From here, you'll travel 400 miles north. You'll have 7 days to do this.
  • GAME 2: Duck Commander Independence Bowl - December 27, 2014 - Independence Stadium - Shreveport, LA
    • Miami(FL) (ACC) vs. South Carolina (SEC)
    The Duck Commander Bowl, wow. This will be an interesting game between two lackluster season teams. The Mighty Tropical Storms, and SCAR are both 6 and 6 coming into this bowl game and are looking for a win.
From here, you'll head straight back south to the Super Dome. 400 miles back south, you'll have 5 days to do so.
  • GAME 3: Allstate Sugar Bowl - January 1, 2015 - Mercedes-Benz SuperDome Stadium - New Orleans, LA
    • Alabama 1 vs. Ohio State 4
    This is gonna be a big one, boy oh boy. Alabama headed by the mighty demigod Saban facing off against the Man Up North, Urban Meyer. SABAN vs. URBAN, THE BATTLE OF THE BAN.
TENNESSEE - 2 games, over 2 days and a 210 miles of travel.
  • GAME 1: AutoZone Liberty Bowl - December 29, 2014 - Liberty Bowl - Memphis, TN
    • Texas A&M (SEC) vs. West Virginia (BIG 12)
    Two teams who started out strong, and puttered out towards the end. A win by either 7 and 5 team would be a good end to a less than fantastic season.
From here, you'll make the 4 hour drive towards Titans-ville Tennessee. Music city baby
  • GAME 2: Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl - December 30, 2014 - LP Field - Nashville, TN
    • Notre Dame (Independent) vs. LSU 23 (SEC)
    Holy hell, what a mouthful of a name for a Bowl game. but what a way to end your Tennessee road trip, in Nashville, watching one of the most loved/hated teams in America, the Fighting Irish (7-5) take on the Tigers (8-4)
TEXAS 6 games, over 8 days. But really it's 5 games over 8 days. Option A: ~1,650 miles and almost 24 hours of driving. Option B: Almost 2,000 miles.
  • GAME 1: Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl - December 26, 2014 - Cotton Bowl Stadium - Dallas, TX
    • Illinois (B1G) vs. Louisiana Tech (Conference USA)
    The fighting Illini (6-6) look to finish their season on a high note in Dallas against the Bulldogs (8-5).
From here, you'll travel across West Texas 640 MILES. good luck with this drive, Texas is boring. You'll have one day, but don't worry, the speed limit is like 80 MPH
  • GAME 2: Hyundai Sun Bowl - December 27, 2014 - Sun Bowl Stadium - El Paso, TX
    • Arizona State 15 (PAC 12) vs. Duke (ACC)
    If you survived the drive, congratulations. You get to watch some great football between the Sun Devils (9-3) and the Blue Devils (9-3). You heard that right, this is basically a good old fashioned Satanist seance in West Texas. DEVIL OFF IN THE DESERT, who's devil comes out on top?!
From here, you'll travel from Devil's Land, USA and head 750 miles to Houston. You'll have 2 days to shake that devil juice off.
  • GAME 3: AdvoCare Texas Bowl - December 29, 2014 - NRG Stadium - Houston, TX
    • Texas (BIG 12) vs. Arkansas (SEC)
    Expect lots of burnt orange. Regardless of their record, the Longhorns (6-6) record, the fans are still always down to paint any part of Texas burnt orange. But they may go home with their cowboy hats hung low if Arkansas (6-6) can silence them.
From here, you're heading 265 miles north, from one massive Texas city to another. You have 3 days to make this trip, hope you don't hit traffic, or you might not make it.
  • GAME 4: The Goodyear Cotton Bowl - January 1, 2015 - AT&T Stadium - Arlington, TX
    • Michigan State 8 (B1G) vs. Baylor 5 (BIG 12)
    Baylor is mad, because they sort of got shafted in the CFB playoffs, so expect some extra pepper in their play (if that's even possible). Michigan State (10-2) is a real force to reckon with, and it'll be a fun time at Jerry World for this one.
From here, you've got 2 options because the next two games fall on the same day. And, just like everything else in Texas, are far apart from one another. Option A: is only 30 minutes away. OR Option B: is 280 miles away, or 4 and half hours.
  • GAME 5a: Lockheed Armed Forces Bowl - January 2, 2015 - Amon G. Carter Stadium - Fort Worth, TX
    • Houston (AAC) vs. Pitt (ACC)
    The Houston Cougars (7-5) and the Pitt Panthers (6-6) are neither military schools, but maybe I'm reading that title incorrectly. Regardless, should be a good game between two teams who don't seem to get the coverage they should.
  • GAME 5b: Valero Alamo Bowl - January 2, 2015 - Alamodome - San Antonio, TX
    • K-State 11 (BIG 12) vs. UCLA 14 (PAC 12)
    This is gonna be a fun one, both 9 and 3 teams come into this game with a chip on their shoulders. Great uniforms, great offenses, good football!
Well, there you have it. If you've got a boatload of money, a good car for road trips and love driving. Just pick a state, and start your trip!
Can't wait to watch these games on TV, love Bowl Season.
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Scammers preying on Freelancers

I'm sure fans of scams have heard about elaborate schemes to hire you for your services which almost always boil down to the basic fake check scenario or using stolen credit cards and making you forward cash to another entity, but I wanted to send out a warning to anyone who might also be at a loss or wonder if a potential job is a scam or not.
I'm not talking about dealing with craigslist, I'm talking about hard cold calls/emails. I received one yesterday that is so slick, it made me think twice and I thought it was time to write an article about the experience for some blog, I just haven't decided which one yet.
Basically, to distill the situation down, I knew it was a scam for the following reasons. It was for a web design job (a continuation of current design with added features).
1) website domain was registered 14 days before soliciting me for my services.
2) website is 100% template, 100% stock photo, copyright for company is older than domain but only by 3 years. They could have had a website 3 years ago but didn't, which is suspicious, nothing on the way back machine either.
3) Address on site leaves off suite number to HUGE building in downtown Los Angeles, whois record states suite. Suite belongs to a totally different business.
4) CEO is the one who wrote me (must not be very busy)
5) LLC doesn't exist in this state where they're doing business
6) They want me to purchase software on a site that will hook up to their wordpress site. This site only takes bitcoin (it looks like legit software but I haven't fully investigated it yet) and they don't understand bitcoin. That one threw me, that's an honest request but of course, if I take a deposit (they were ever so willing to send one), the check won't clear for awhile so if I were to buy the software, I'd get jacked somehow some way.
7) Material on their site contains a lot of corporate babble or doesn't seem to contain any real content, and some of which is most likely copied from other sites. (I found several instances of that).
8) No social media presence for the writer of the email or the company. None. No linkedin, no facebook, no twitter.
9) To prove how slick they are, they have even gone as far as purchasing a comodo ssl certificate to make the site secure. That threw me too, but then, they're going to rake me for thousands, what's 50$ for a cheap ssl certificate. It might have come free with hosting a purchase.
So basically, my advice is to always check the sources for cold calls when you are a freelancer of anything. I'm playing with them to verify that they're actually scammers. They HAVE to be. I asked for a bunch of info: EIN, LLC registration info, if they were willing to wait for the check to clear even though the work has to be done now now now.
On the surface, this job looks legit, but when you dig into the details, everything falls apart.
Be suspicious with any cold call especially if your business thrives on word of mouth.
So it has definitely boiled down to stolen credit cards at this point. They need the work done now now now and can't wait for a check to clear. I'm going to again request important info they don't have plus allow credit cards for first time customers because I'm so nice. They haven't once asked me for my portfolio, they just want to give some random designer all this money to do a job fast, LOL. Once they provide (if they do) a credit card, I'll be calling that credit card company to get it shut off and say that card didn't work. My friend did this about 4 times with another scammer...they just kept giving him credit cards, one after the other and he'd get them shut off.
------ update 2-----------------------------
So today, they actually sent me a credit card to process. The owner of the card is 1.5 hours south of downtown LA. I called Visa and it's a valid card (hasn't been reported stolen). If they are a scammer, they have also copied an email address in their company of the "owner of the card". eg "billing name: jane doe -- cc: [email protected]"
I called the only business on Google showing the full suite address online (trying to verify they're at this address), and apparently the suite number represents the floor and several businesses can be listed as suite XYZ. So this information is useless to me now in trying to crack their shell. Here's the kicker tho, the woman on the phone for this other business at the same suite has said I'm not the first person to call, so other people are calling to try to verify the existence of this company at that address.
When I asked the possibly fake company for their EIN, however, they sent me the corporation ID number which "matches" another company of similar name and purpose incorporated 2 hours south in San Diego. I cannot contact anyone at this corporation because I'm getting erroneous results on Google for phone (corp records almost always have expired info).
I've looked up their LLC, it's not listed online with however, if they filed 11 days ago with the creation of their domain, site, etc, it might not show up.
Do you see how slick this is? An expert at smelling scams is now wondering if they're just dealing with a slightly less sophisticated business trying to look large out the gate.
I'm waiting on the EIN. There's no way they operate without one and have "employees".
They have yet to ask to have me give funds after processing the card to anyone but me for the purpose of work.
This is exhausting. I'm about done and will cancel.
-----------update 3 -------
Doing further research on one of the foreign phone numbers on their site I come upon the EXACT same template for a different company, this time, instead of trading, it's a holdings company related to cannabis. The cannabis holdings company is real as far as corporate registrations go, full social media presence, etc, but the site is horribly done. The site is in even worse shape, their US address is yet another large building with hard to track verification.
This is such a large dark rabbit hole I've jumped into.
update 4
I was able to track down the credit card holder, they verified the number (I gave them a partial number, I'm not an idiot), and they were able to cancel their card (it had been cloned and used 2 times before I got to them to warn them.
also, less than a week later after publishing an article about them, the site is down/gone. I think they've abandoned the domain name and are under a different domain. The hosting is still in place though. I'll be trying to find that next domain too.
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I will be on 2 San Diego TV News Shows Thursday morning talking about our local Bitcoin ATM's and Community

Here are the details:
LIVE on Channel 6 Wake Up San Diego at 7:30 AM and also on KUSI News at 8:30 AM
UPDATE: We will also have a Press Conference at Downtown Johnny Brown's at 10:30 AM where we will be demoing the ATM and having lunch afterward (paid for with bitcoin!)
Wish me luck!
Steven Michaels
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Sushi on a Roll in San Diego now accepts bitcoin!

My wife had her birthday event at Sushi on a Roll and it was a blast. It's a private event space where our 25 friends and family got some basic sushi making lessons and then feasted on our work. I was able to convince the owner, who's a good friend of my wife, to accept bitcoin and we paid for the entire event with bitcoin after I got him setup on Coinbase.
The owner, Jeff Roberto is hands down San Diego's best Sushi caterer and instructor, and he is now accepting bitcoin for all catered events both offsite and at his great event space in downtown San Diego. With over 25 years of experience, he's catered for celebs like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Jamie Fox, Beyonce, at events like the MTV Movie Awards, and on the set at Sony Studios & Fox Studios.
If you have an upcoming event in San Diego, give him a call to get some awesome sushi at your party.
Here's a link to his listing on the Airbitz Bitcoin Directory
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04-04 09:41 - 'The homeless that are mentally stable need to be pushed towards employment. Not given everything (food / shelter), enabling them to remain unproductive with no incentive to change. I'd be out on the street too, if I was coddl...' by /u/BitttBurger removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1-6min

The homeless that are mentally stable need to be pushed towards employment. Not given everything (food / shelter), enabling them to remain unproductive with no incentive to change. I'd be out on the street too, if I was coddled in such a manner and didn't mind living in filth.
The homeless that have alcohol or drug addictions need to be put into facilities funded by State and local government which will give them the opportunity to clean up. Maybe a three strikes rule. I don't know the solution for those who fail to clean up.
The homeless that struggle with mental disabilities need to be put into institutions that will care for them, funded by state and local government. They should not be out on the street in the first place.
None of these three scenarios makes room for just blindly taking care of homeless people en masse. Tent cities and other scenarios that just enable, facilitate, and do nothing to help change the situation.
I realize this is a astoundingly unpopular opinion, and I expect to be down voted to hell. But I live in a city that is overrun with homeless people, San Diego. They run around downtown streets screaming and doing all kinds of crazy shit in their dirty underwear, wrapped in towels naked, tweaking out on drugs, harassing people, leaving needles and broken liquor bottles everywhere. I'm tired of it. I don't agree with blindly supporting them by handing food to them, and giving them places to sleep. Situations like this need to change. Not be "enabled".
The communities that are "challenging" Seans outpost, no doubt feel the same way that I do. Yet they're made to sound like total assholes that care nothing for their fellow human being. On the contrary, quite a few people think that homelessness shouldn't be enabled. That the real focus should be on rehabilitation and improving their situation long term. There's a difference between helping and enabling people.
Sorry if I've offended anyone.
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San Diego's First Cafe and First Restaurant to take Bitcoin

The first cafe and first barestaurant to take Bitcoin in the city of San Diego are now live.
Pangea Bakery Cafe offers a hugh selection of baked goods, espresso drinks, and a few hot asian food items along with lots of tables with free wifi for those study & work sessions.
Also visit Downtown Johnny Brown's in the heart of Downtown San Diego and grab a bite, brew, or cocktail and watch a game (it's playoff season) on their bigscreen TVs. They will also be hosting the next San Diego meetup event on Thursday, January 16 at 7 PM.
Please swing by and show some support
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PARKT Offers One of The Best Practical Applications of Bitcoin I've Seen Yet

Earlier tonight I had the pleasure of meeting and discussing Bitcoin with some fellow Seattle Bitcoiners. One of the presenters at tonight's Seattle Bitcoin Meetup was from a company called PARKT. If it sounds familiar it might be because [Coindesk just ran a piece on PARKT] recently.
Anyways, I like what they have going on and thought it might be a good idea to do a short write up on them, so here it is.

What Is PARKT?

Let me ask you this, have you ever avoided a busy downtown area because you fear high parking costs?
I know here in Seattle it isn't uncommon to pay $10-15 for parking in many areas, and trying to find street parking is both a gamble and time consuming. Through the use of mobile apps PARKT offers a way for people parking in downtown areas to have their parking compensated for by local businesses.
Here it is direct from their website,
Use Parkt to find shops, restaurants and other merchants who will pay your parking fees as a thank you for your business. Validate with one or many merchants to increase your rewards. The validation credits you earn can be redeemed for an immediate parking discount or cashed out to bitcoin.

How It Works

First off you have to park in one of their participating parking garages and use the PARKT app to scan the QR code on your parking ticket. Once you've scanned the QR code a list of participating nearby merchants will pop up.
Next visit one of their participating merchants and scan the merchant's validation code on checkout. You can stack validations from multiple merchants to reduce or eliminate your parking cost.
Finally, you can redeem your parking cost by withdrawing the amount in bitcoin, by showing the cashier at the parking deck your validation, or by inserting the ticket at automated facilities to have the discount automatically applied.

How Bitcoin Is Involved

So I know what you're thinking, why's this relevant to me as a bitcoin enthusiast?
Well I'm glad you asked!
PARKT has Bitcoin redemption built directly into their app. All you have to do is upload the public key of the address that you'd like to redeem your Bitcoin to and they'll send it there. It may seem simple, but can you imagine having people sign up for a service like this and giving PARKT their banking information? Bitcoin is essentially helping to enable a type of financial reward that was impossible or just very difficult several years ago.
PARKT is using financial incentives via bitcoin to reward the patrons of busy downtown areas, and in the process connecting people with the local merchants they're looking to visit.

Where You Can Use PARKT

The good news is that they're in San Diego and Seattle, two of the most awesome cities in the world. As a Seattle area bitcoiner, I'm pretty happy to see a bit more adoption in our burgeoning tech city.
So why am I sharing this with you? Well if you're in Seattle or San Diego, go ahead and give these guys a try. They're trying something new and innovative, and I hope to see it work out for them.
For me this system does help to solve the parking cost problem. I do avoid downtown areas at times because of the high parking fees. If I can redeem some of that cost at places I'd likely be going anyways, then it's a win-win.
Note: I originally posted this to Backed -
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[HIRING] Bitcoin Mobile App Software Engineer

Seeking software engineer with minimum 3 years experience developing in C/C++. Work will involve core bitcoin wallet code on iOS and Android. Experience with cryptography libraries, multiprocessor code, and mobile (iOS/Android) a plus.
Salary $70k - $120k paid in $ and/or BTC plus equity. Co-founder status and equity available dependent on experience.
Must be willing to work at least 2-3 days per week in downtown San Diego.
Company Info: Airbitz Inc is a new bitcoin startup aimed at finally bringing a robust, amazingly consumer friendly, yet rock solid secure mobile bitcoin wallet to the masses. Based in San Diego, Airbitz will provide fair and reasonable compensation to new employees/partners and believes that a successful startup need not require months without pay. Funded with over $200k in startup capital, Airbitz aims to solve the usability issues of both bitcoin early adopters and future users. (website still under construction)
Email resume and (optional) cover letter to [email protected]
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[Table] IAmA: I am 26, have been homeless for 8 years, have never panhandled, and like my life. AMA.

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Date: 2012-12-01
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Questions Answers
Do you have any animals you keep around to, you know, comfort you? I have not had any animals, but I have considered it, I just feel like it would limit my freedom to much for my liking. I have met plenty of travelers who do have them. I feel like if I were a chick I would have a dog for protection.
Edit: just saw your name, your italics make sense now.
What is the most dangerous situation you've been in? I got attacked by four guys once, could have been much worse than it was, I was asleep but they woke me up before they attacked me. The attack started with waterballoons, escalated into kicks, and climaxed with a crowbar to the forehead with a bit of blood, this is when I ran away. I went to the cops and found out a girl had gotten attacked at the same place earlier that night by 4 guys and a crowbar, she died.
That's really sad. I went out of my way to help people that are homeless here in Atlanta, it's sad to see that people are going out of their way to do the exact opposite. The stories and scars I have seen are heartbreaking and absurd, I was in the keys when a humbum was beat to the point that he had no more facial features.
It is always nice to hear of people helping out. I think way more helpful than a couple bucks is a conversation that aims at getting to know their personal situation because then you can see what specific actions could be taken to help them. Lots of homeless will turn your 10bucks into a night of not having to consider their future or their pathetic situation which just makes it worse for them long run, but if you can find one that legitly wants out of their rut and you can help them with some job searching help, use of computer or phone, encouragement, incentives(if I see you working a job I will give you a hundred bucks...),a backyard or garage until they start getting paychecks, you can really change a life...
Offtopic: Are you redditing on your phone, or are you at an Internet café? I am redditing on my phone at starbucks with their wifi, I have no plan on my phone.
How do you make money? Where do you sleep? Where do you shower? I make money by juggling and balancing things on my nose, as well as the occasional magic trick.
I sleep behind abandoned buildings, in woods, on public transit, occasionally on a kind strangers porch or couch. The more I do this, the more I run into people I know who house me for a night here or there.
I answered the shower question.
Have somebody film you performing and put it on youtube along with your story. then tell him to cut you in on the royalties- then end up making more money than all of us; then own your own starbucks I occasionally go on little hunts through youtube for videos of myself, I have found quite a few, but I have a feeling most I wont find because the searches are all quite generic "juggler in boulder" or whatever bc I dont tell my name when I perform...
A Stage Name perhaps? Actually it is not that I dont want ppl to know my name, it is that I dont like to talk when I perform. I have always liked the idea that I can get paid just to stand and practice what I want to practice without focusing on patter and jokes and stuff. I make less money because of this, but I think it is worth it. And a sign next to me has always stuck as something I dont want to do, I dont mind not being able to find all the videos of me, if they are good enough then they will float to the surface of the internet and I will see them, and plus I can always video myself and watch it all I want.
You can't possibly still be in Boulder for another month or so...are you nomadic, or do you have a semi stable living arrangement with friends during the Winter? I left boulder almost 2 months ago, I was there about a week this time. I was just using it as an example of how I hunt for myself on youtube. I have a place I can crash in boulder if I want though.. A few days at a time at least. Boulder is very easy outdoor sleeping, the cold is an issue for me there though. I am pretty sure I will be outside mostly this winter wherever I end up.
What are you going to do when you turn an age where you are no longer capable of keeping up with such stressful physical activities to support yourself? You seem somewhat intelligent, was there some sort of breakdown or turning point in your life? Are you addicted to drugs? Possibly teach juggling or other circus arts. The past couple years I have been listening to ttc lectures quite a bit, kind of trying to broaden my levels of interest, sort of looking for something that interests me. I have had a few turning points I would say, questioning my religious upbringing was a big one about 7 years ago, really trying to separate the learned from the experienced and sorting out what was true and what I was pretending to be true based on what I thought those close to me wanted me to hold as true. Later on there was realising that I enjoyed my life more the more I took care of myself, years ago I would use food stamps and regularly eat at soup kitchens, but I met enough people in that world that I decided it would make me happier to have more control over my life.
I have had my times with different drugs, I dont regret them, dont have a problem with addicts, I have met a lot of fascinating crackheads. I talk about drugs more in the response to someone elses question.
fascinating crackheads. Do, I prithee, go on... From my experience, the magic of a crackhead is one that can only be experienced first hand, it is that mindset that turns on a dime, they can be extremely distraught over their addiction and the course their life has taken one moment and seconds later with one small puff of a pipe their problems vanish, they rule the world, all of existence was created for the sole purpose of bringing them pleasure. I had a 19 yr old crackwhore who could barely walk up steps, all her bones showing through her skin, tell me that she knew crack was killing her, but as long as she kept getting high she didnt care. This girl told me she hated water, it was soda crack and chips for her.
Fascinating crackheads? Do go on... Can you give me your best fascinating crackhead story? It is more the thing that they all have in common that has always fascinated me, not particularly individual stories. Lots of crackheads are in surrealy similar situations. The high only lasts 7-15 minutes, and 15 is far end, after that all that matters is getting more crack you can see it in their eyes that anything else you are talking about other than getting them more crack money is going right past them. It is like when a really horny is talking to a really hot chick, he just nods and agrees while his mind keeps saying "when we gunna fuck?". The are like golum from lotr.
Where specifically in Starbucks? I just cut a hole in the seat of my pants and hop up on the garbage hole on the counter at the cream and sugar station, nobody ever knows what I am doing.
Why starbucks? is there some advantage to going there or do you have something against them? I guess I just kind of jumped onboard with a running joke amongst street people with starbucks being a goto bathroom for them. However, if given a choice, i would generally choose anywhere over starbucks for shitting bc starbucks is almost always individual use only so if you are going to take a nice long relaxed shit you come out to awkward glares from a long line of strangers. More stalls the better, so not actually starbucks. The best qre train stations, airports, libraries, casinos...
Washing yourself is better at starbucks though bc you can strip down, scrub up with soapy paper towels, rinse off, and when you leave everybody thinks you were just taking a shit, but they have no idea what you were doing...
I also work at starbucks, all the homeless do at our store is dig cups out of the trash so they can get refills, and shit all over the bathroom. I really mean it. They SHIT alll over the bathroom. It is because you guys have those private bathrooms and you dont use customer only keys in most cities.
The cup thing is ending at lots of starbucks so the humbums are switching over to einstein bros bc if you find a cup there you can fill it up yourself and dont have to pay 54 cents. It is just like mcdonalds soft drinks.
Whats the hardest part? Hardest part: It definetly changes from time to time, loneliness can be pretty rough at times, I find it hard to relate with the dirty homeless beggar type person, which is most of them, and just living in a very different world than they average guy makes it hard to relate there too. So lots of my time is spent by myself. That is probably what has made me decide to do this. It is weird though because at other times I treasure my solitude and ability to be by myself, this is the case more often than not. I am not generally wondering around feeling sad and alone, but it does get to me times.
Whats the best part? Best part: My freedom. I am never obliged to do anything. If I am into a book, it normally goes down in one big gulp. If I want to see texas, I just go. If you are annoying me, I delete you from my life. I can always do what I want when I want, no boss, roomates, nothing that most people seem to feel they must 'put up with'.
How do you get your basic needs met? Basic needs: Well, food is the biggest issue. I make money to buy food when I can by juggling when I can, when I cannot for some reason I have come up with different ways to get food. When I was new I would eat at soup kitchens, but that generally left me feeling shitty, not because the food was bad, it often is quite good, but because I would feel like a leech on society. It is very rare that I do that now. Nowadays if I feel I must eat and have no money I will look for leftover containers near or in garbages, or dig in grocery store dumpsters. It is amazing how much better I feel when I dont eat much compared to when I eat alot. Often it is one meal a day and a snack. What other basic needs are there? Medical has been a non-issue. I carry a tooth brush..
So you don't want a job or just don't have any? How do you get money for food and other things you might need? Where do you sleep in winter? I am not currently pursuing employment, however if the right job were to present itself I would certainly accept it. I get lots off food for free, but I also make some money juggling, and the occasional odd job. Winters I almost always go south, the florida keys, socal, hawaii, new orleans..
Do you get food poisoning from eating out of dumpsters? Are you ever picky about what you eat (stale food, bad flavor or texture)? I have never gotten sick from eating out of a garbage/dumpster that I know of. Garbage food is always leftovers that were just purchased, or food still packaged that just went past expiration date and is still good. Sometimes I will go to mall foodcourts, look around at all the eaters, spot some that I doubt will finish their food and position myself between them and the garbage and just do a quick "mind if I take that for you?" as they are walking toward the bin, people love giving away food instead of throwing it away, and foodcourts love selling more food than people eat.
I try to stick to a pretty vegan diet, but I certainly do make regular exceptipn based on hunger, but it has almost never come to stale food.
How did you like new orleans? I havnt been there in years but the big thing that sticks out was how talented the street performers were and how performer friendly the laws and tourists were. There were some really amazing magicians there, and very likely still are.
I imagine dumpster food to be pretty dangerous to eat since it could come in contact with dirty surfaces there. The food court idea is actually really smart since that will be your freshest food. Were you ever a couple seconds too late and they threw it out, and say you go after that food in the trash? Haha, yesterday I was midsentence when a girl dumped 2 pizza rolls and pasta in the garbage, and no I didnt go after it. I will take the closed styrofoam container 'whiteboxes' out though. So far as them coming in contact with dangerous stuff, I dont dig, I just pull off the top, and I stick to areas with garages that are often changed. Oh, and packaged dumpster food I wash.
I was with a girl a few years back who pulled an icecream cone out of a garbage and ate it, that shit was fucked up.
Have you ever called up a pizzeria, ordered something for pick up, then just wait for them to throw out your order once they realize you're not going to pick it up? I typed up an answer to this but it is gone, maybe I replied somewhere else accidently.. But no I have not done this and I doubt it would work bc in highschool I worked for pizzahut and when that would happen we would get to eat the pizza back at the store. It wasnt beyond us to call in fake orders..
The closest I have done was tell fastfood places they fucked up my order the other day and that I had called in and was told to come in and someone would give me what was left out.. I even had a worker lie and tell me that he was the one who took my bullshit call... I have not done this for about three or four years.
Do you shave or do you have the stereotypical homeless guy scruff? I shave and keep clean, if you dont see me with my stuff you dont know I am homeless.
You mentioned you have a little brother. How does he or any other family members feel about your way of life? Do you worry that something might happen to you and they won't know? Sorry for being depressing, I really am glad you decided to do this AMA. Family worried some at first but less now. I talk about this some in another response. However, my little brother specifically I think will end up traveling, he allready tried taking off on his own once but got caught by the cops. So far as something happening to me and nobody knowing, I am ok with this, if my body is not burried 'properly' dont mind, I feel bad for my family though if this is the case because it would be such a drawn out painful process of not knowing if I am alive and not communicating for longer than normal or if I am dead or stuck somewhere. My concern for how they would feel is not enough for me to want to make sure I am constantly surrounded by people who would know who to contact if I go missing.
Do you have a family that you keep in touch with? What do they think of your lifestyle? What about falling in love and having a relationship? Is your aim to get into a position where you do have a home, or don't you think about your long term situation? I keep in touch with my family rarely, I prefer to interact in person, I have allready done more typing in this ama than I have done in the last 2 years. I dont have a phone plan, so I rarely call. So when I am in their towns I hang out but thats about it. I have never had a girlfriend, but there have been a couple girls that I have hung out with for a month here and there in open relationship style. My longest relationship has been a platonic one with a guy a couple years older than me, we have traveled for about 2 years together on and off over the span of the last four years. I guess so far as a place goes, I come more from a point of view that if there is something I want to do and having a place will make that possible, then having one is what I want, but getting a place as a goal in and of itself is not my desire.
Where do you sleep? If you are in a tent, how do you secure it? Do you ever feel venerable when you sleep at night? Thank you. In parks, woods, public transit, behind churches is good bc they are almost never there so nobody ever knows and if they do show up they are not dicks about it. In and around lots of abandoned places like casinos, apartment complexes, motels, churches, houses. Sometimes just out of view in busy places, under bushes, bridges, behind dumpsters.
Greatest place was in an apartment building where I went into an apartment and constructed a closet in front of a bedroom door, completely concealing it, filled the closet with clothing so to get into my room you would have to slide all the clothes to the side and then slide the back of the closet to the side. Narnia style.
I dont have tent, traveled with one for a week, but replaced it with a tarp, easier to carry. If I must I lay on it and pull it over me and tuck it on the other side like a buritto.
I have gotten good at picking spots to stay safe from drunks and cops amd such, out of sight out of mind.
...constructed a closet in front of a bedroom door... What what what??? how did you do this without a truck full of tools? This is brilliant! Was there an empty apartment? How did it end? My hobby at that time was going around at night and 'looting' abandoned and half burned buildings, so I found this big closet, the kind that is like an enyertainment center, not the kind that is like a room. The only tool I needed was a knife with the end broken off so it became a flathead screwdriver. The hard part was moving the thing piece be piece to my place, but once there I put it back together in front of my bedroom door, I set up the room it was in to look like a lived in bedroom so nobody who broke into my squat(abandoned apartment I was occupying) would assume the dummy room was mine and I would be safe behind the closet in my actual room. I was young at the time and very worried about sleeping safely. I stayed in that squat for about 2 months. This was in spain, I was 18. It ended with the building being demolished.
How did you get a visa to Spain? Or, if you're Spanish, how did you get a visa to the US? Visas for the main part of the eu are easy to get for 3mo at a time, you just fly in and they stamp your passport. From my experience the uk wants to see money before they give you one so they know you are not a bum coming to live off of them. Im from the us.
I would like to hear more about this building being demolished. Did you just wake-up one morning with the sounds of workers in your squat? Did you find out about it before hand and leave before the building went down? Ok, so this is what happeneafter I had been in there around 2 months, I met a group of squatters that all lived together in another building, they had just gotten notices posted all around their building saying that they had to move out bc their building was gunna be demolished. Since they had no place else to go and I had a ton of empty apartments in my building I took them over to my building and we went up to the top floor(my apt was on 2nd floor). On the top floor there were 3 small apts, so we connected 2 of them by bashing out a wall, we got their electrical fixed too(i had done this at my apt as well). So, we start moving all their stuff in and these 2 random homeless guys show up and freak out saying they live in the top floor, we assumed that nobody was up there bc it was a mess and there was no electricity when we found it. So to make them happy I gave them my apt and moved in with my squating budies on the top floor, after about a week the cops showed up and told us that we had to move out bc now our building was set to get demolished, it was around that time that I flew back to england, my squating friends found another squat, a really nice one, a house, not another apt.
Where in Spain did you live? And when you left did you just fly back to the states? I was in the north of spain in bilbao, and ya I came back to the states afterwards.
Don't you miss women? I do. I am not in a hurry though, I tend to subscribe to the view that if you do what makes you happy then you will find other people doing the same and then neither of you will be so dependent on the other to be happy. I also kind of wonder if maybe in some way I dont realise just how amazing a relationship can be, makes me excited about the future.
How long has it been since the last time you had sex/a relationship with someone? Could you briefly describe the circumstances? Haha, it was in atlantic city about 16 months ago, she was a mid thirties single mom, lost, looking for the bus to jersey city I think, we ended up swimming in the ocean for a bit, I bought a hotel room and thats about it, I showed her where the bus to jersey was the next day.
I'm not homeless but I couldn't even afford a hotel room right now How could you. At that time I had up over 5k cash, it made me nervous carrying that much so I never minded spending it, I bought a 100 dollar ticket to see britney spears within a few days of that, just because I could. But generally I stick right around 0(cash, not savings)and make money when I need it.
I've noticed a high male to female ratio of homeless people on the streets, even among the young travelers. Why do you think this is? Are there more women's shelters, or do women have more incentive to get off the street because of the danger of assault? I dont think it is because there are more female shelters, I think it is because it is more dangerous, rapes and attacks. Also it more common for a housed male to take in a homeless female for companionship or sex than viceversa.
Ever bang any female homeless chicks? Yes, that I have done.
I've never even thought life as a female traveler would be possible for me, is it at all plausible? O yes, very plausible, lots of the teen and 20s travelers seem to travel in groups for companionship, but safety is an added benefit too. I often prefer to travel alone, and I have met solo traveler chicks, some go with dogs fir safety and they say a dog will increase your begging income as much as a guitar. If you want a group you can always go to a very traveler heavy town to start and find a crew. Lots of ppl have mentioned some main ones, both portlands, stsanta cruz, ann arbour, nyc's east village.. Just to name a few, if you are interested you can post a city and I can try and name a mecca close by.
What's your benefit to society? My benefit to society is too difficult to measure for it to be anything but opinion, and so take this ama for example, it was only possible as a result of the lifestyle I live, so is this ama beneficial to society? If so, does it justify the costs that society has incurred on my behalf? Some say it does, some say it doesnt, I dunno, but I am having a pretty good time.
Just curious, but do you think the fact that you have never pan-handled means you don't live off society? I feel like I do live off society, everyone in society does. I dont live off pity though, not for moral reasons, but because you get better at what you do and I dont eant to be good at making people feel bad for me, I want to get good at doing stuff that people want to see to the point that they decide it is in their best interest to give me their hard earned money. As a street performer I am offering my services for societies money, skills that I have been cultivating since I was 13, that I paid society to help me develope when I trained at a school of circus arts after highschool (i could only afford tuition not rent, this is why I initially became homeless). I do not look down on those who beg, it is just unique that you meet a homeless guy who doesn't that is why I mentioned it. Even beggers offer those who donate to them something, they get a good feeling that you can only get when you help someone else out, but im not saying that I myself subscribe to an altruistic philosophy, and I dont give to beggars because I know how easy food is to get (in america), and thus thats not what they actually need money for in almost every case that I have encountered.
I think I just ranted. Tldr; I live off society via an exchange of my services for societies money, don't we all?
My questions are really more of general interest, rather than any type of attack on you. Others have questioned many other things. My general interest was on your self image and how you felt about the way you live. I really do appreciate the honest replies. I am really unsure about how I see myself, I dont know if my contributions outweigh the burden I put on society, I dont regret the experiences I have had and the people I have met but I am wondering if I might not be more fullfilled living a different life, I think that is a big part of why I am doing this ama. Its not just to see how ppl see me or to show ppl a different type of life, but to help me reevaluate how I see myself.
Why did you choose to live this kind of live? Thanks for the AMA! It started because I really wanted to go to a particular circus arts college after highschool and had limited funds, it was tuition or rent. It continued because traveling to the school gave me the travel bug and living off nothing while at the school gave me the confidence to continue doing it. I left the school after three months and have been travelling ever since.
I am also very thankful for this ama, it has been quite a blessing to have so many people interested in discussing my life with me. So, you're welcome, and thankyou too!
How do you live then without panhandling? Do you have a job? I have gotten a few month or two long jobs on farms at which times the farmers house me) and then lived off that money for awhile, but 95% of the time momey comes from street performing, or living money free when I dont want to perform. Oh, I also lived in a van for a short stretch and made money as an emergency long distance delivery driver, that allowed me to amass the savings that I now have, but rarely touch. I like living around zero as opposed to constantly pulling money out of savings, but I do occasionally when money is tough and I want to fly or something.
So since you have a savings what is your long term plans? A few things, the connection between music and juggling has long fascinated me and I would like to develope a set off juggling balls that send there location to a computer which converts the peak height of each throw to a sound, so I can then not only juggle to music but make music while I juggle. I would also like to work with a band at some point.
I would like to write a book at some point both about my travels and how anyone can travel very cheap.For example, I just rode my bicycle from new hampshire to san diego(i got a couple rides in some rough spots) I had 13 dollars cash when I started and didnt touch my savings until I finished(i got myself a place for a couple weeks after I finished).
Link to Piano juggling. Pretty neat stuff! Thats a good one, lots of the piono jugglers have setups where the next note in a recorded song place regardless of where they hit, but that guy seemed to be actually playing a song.
I like that you call 13 dollars savings! To me that is broke as fuck. Not criticizing at all, I really think that is great. Lol, no 13 was my spending cash, my savings is all in bitcoin and is a bit larger than 13 bucks, hence being able to get a place for a couple weeks with it.
I'd read the fuck out of an article or two of yours. Thank you! I havnt written this much in years and I have been enjoying it immensely, I appreciate your encouragement.
Whats are some good towns you have been through? Some towns are more "forgiving" than others. Well, I have some favorites, nyc, all of hawaii, st louis, santa cruz, portland maine, burlington vt, lots of east fl, boulder co, bilbao spain.. These ones stick out now, but im sure there are others that ill think of later and wont be able to believe I didnt put them down. Oh south western is awsome for there bike path system, they have hundreds of miles of pathes all around columbus, dayton and that whole area, even down to Cincinnati I think.
This guy is homeless and he does more traveling than me. I must be doing something wrong. Well, it is sort of like I am homeless to make it so easy to travel, everytime I go town to town the only expences I have are those I feel I need to keep myself going. No paying rent somewhere I am not, no hotel rooms(generally), just food, pleasures, and necessities.
I live in portland, Maine! Link to
If you ever pass through Saint Louis and need anything please feel free to hit me up. Thanks man! I love st louis, university city to be precise, I was there about 3 months ago.
If you're out "east FL" way, hit me up, my man. I have a nice couch and cold beer. Thanks man, I have hit up almost every, maybe even every town on the east coast of fl, so I was very likely in your town before. It has been quite a few years so I just may be due for another trip that way.
I'm from Santa Cruz, What did you enjoy so much about it? It was both a very special time in my life, I had just gone from a year of really being very alone to cramming into a van with five guys and driving across the country, when we found santa cruz we all just knew it was the place for us. There are so many travelers there, the locals are very supportive of travelers, especially performers passing through. There are woods so close by the downtown area, which are the best place to sleep. The college there is gorgeous, and it is very easy to audit the occasional class there which is an immensely fun passtime. They have one of the largest weekly meetup of firespinners and drummers in the country, up on the cliffs by the lighthouse. The dog sculptures on the street (pacific I think) where dogs are banned always made me laugh.
How did you get to hawaii? Airplane, been there 3 or 4 times, answered this elsewhere, but tickets can get cheap if you check obsessively and are willing to fly immediatly upon finding a good deal. Ive got some savings stashed away that I have gathered up from doing some legit jobs in the past.
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San Diego County went from five machines in 2016 to 27 in 2017. Bitcoin ATM’s: Here’s the full story It’s a bitcoin gold rush and, for better or worse, it’s showing up in places you might ... Downtown Johnny Brown’s is quite frankly one of San Diego’s oldest craft beer bars. At Johnny Brown’s you will always find a diverse selection of beer on tap and in bottles. Along with enjoying a beer and a bite to eat in Downtown Johnny Brown’s, our patrons are always welcome to buy a bottle from our cellar and take it home! Johnny Brown’s takes pride in telling everyone that we ... In San Diego, it's now possible to use bitcoin to buy beer. Inside Downtown Johnny Brown's is one of the first BTMs or Bitcoin Transaction Machines in San Diego. Users can convert paper currency ... Bitcoin ATMs in San Diego, United States Total number of Bitcoin ATMs / Tellers in and around San Diego: 101. Coins: Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning BTC (LBTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ether (ETH) Dash (DASH) Litecoin (LTC) Zcash (ZEC) Monero (XMR) Dogecoin (DOGE) Tether (USDT) Ripple (XRP) Operations: Buy Sell. Location type: ATM Teller Other "Other" services are visible with larger zoom. Zoom in. Featured ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 229. Downtown San Diego. Close. 229. Posted by. u/RazorRamonsGold. 1 year ago. Archived. Downtown San Diego. 13 comments. share. save hide report. 93% Upvoted. This thread is archived ...

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Driving Downtown - San Deigo California USA - Episode 49. Starting Point: Broadway - . San Diego is a major city in Californi... Get Paid to Post Photos and Stories about San Diego - Duration: 15 seconds. 19 views ; 2 months ago; 2:25. Selling Bitcoin for Cash with Cashapp Card - Duration ... Downtown San Diego Realtor Driving Tour 4K Presented by: Anthony Chambers, Realtor 800-897-6030 BRE01896381 Get in touch: ☀ Free Things To Do in San Diego, CA ☀ In today’s video we show you guys some super fun and also completely free things to do in sunny San Diego, California!... Demonstrations against police violence continued into Sunday night in downtown San Diego. Police reported several instances of looting downtown amid the unrest.