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/r/Movies 2020 State of Affairs: Self Promotion and Spam. If you have your own blog/YT channel/website - read this!

Hi guys. So, we've banned a lot of spammers lately, which isn't too uncommon, but it seems more and more frequent that we're getting users who.... don't really understand what spam is.
By the /movies definition, which is slightly more loose than the reddit site-wide definition:
spam is when you submit from one source so much that more than 20% of your total submissions come from it.
The users have a real wishy-washy attitude toward spam. Literally anything that is OC is reported as "spam," but that doesn't mean it gets removed or breaks any rules. Users are okay with self-promotion as long as users like the content, basically, but the rules apply to all, regardless of reception. Can't say, "Oh 74% of my submissions are from MovieGenius9000's youtube channel, but I get upvotes so it's allowed." Not how it works, karma will not save you. And once you're banned, that account is gone forever. We do not unban spammers. We have nearly 20 mods, we're not super interested in tagging you guys and making sure you kept your promises. Accounts banned first, and if the site gets pummeled again - the source website goes on our blacklist.
The general outline:
This all sounds doom and gloom, but in all seriousness we encourage and appreciate your OC, but please be aware that there are rules that you need to follow first.
And if anyone has any automod ideas on how to nuke these repost bots, I'd like to hear it :)
This section is What to do if you were banned for spam and you're a content creator
We might've linked to this post when we banned you. So what now? What can you do?
Make a new account and play by the rules. That account that was just banned? It's burned forever in /movies. Make a new account, one that doesn't serve as an advertisement for your YouTube channel or website or whatever, and just be a normal redditor. Link to cool stuff you found, talk about it, talk about other people's submissions. Then, once every five submissions, link to your own work.
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Posted at: November 28, 2018 at 11:13PM
Bitcoin Miners Navigate A Crypto Minefield
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Ethereum Bitcoin Tracker Bot , Sent or Receive Notification in Hindi

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