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GlobalBoost- A CryptoCurrency To Help Wounded Veterans

BSTY brings a completely new algorithm to the digital currency scene, and combines it with our real products, real company, and visible & accountable leadership. We aim to improve the acceptance of digital money, providing a safe & attractive investment using Yescrypt as our POW.

Crypto and Bitcoin Mining Rental Rigs and Cloud Mining, What's The Catch?

I am referring to sites like these:
The 3rd one is a Chinese website that boasts Electricity Bill 0.046 $/kwh. How do I get 0.046 $/kwh if electricity in my area is 0.18 $/kwh. Are they sending me a physical machine or leasing their 'profits'.
What's the catch? Why would they want to rent this to me when they can just plug it in and make the profit themselves?
Maybe they are doing this because the halving eroded their profits?
Is this a hedge in case Bitcoin falls? Or.
Are they making a profit difference on the spread of what the miner makes and what they charge me to rent, best case scenario leaser and purchaser both makes money?
How is this not a big thing yet and wide known and why doesn't everyone just dump their money into this if it seems like the websites are just saying and advertising it's free money as long as you have the capital to rent.
It sounds all too good to be true, please enlighten me.
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ULPT: You can increase your margins mining crypto by hooking up your bitcoin mining rig at a rental where you have negotiated a rental rate with utilities included.

ULPT: You can increase your margins mining crypto by hooking up your bitcoin mining rig at a rental where you have negotiated a rental rate with utilities included. submitted by Readditor57 to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

ULPT: You can increase your margins mining crypto by hooking up your bitcoin mining rig at a rental where you have negotiated a rental rate with utilities included.

One of the primary costs, outside of the actual upfront cost of the equipment, is paying for the energy used to power the mining equipment. A way to lower your expenses and increase your margins is by finding a landlord that is willing to let you pay rent with utilities included. The landlord will end up bearing the cost of your power consumption. For more on Bitcoin Mining Rigs Click Here
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(UPDATED) Faucets, Mining and Rig rental links List | - Earn bitcoins by pasting!

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Foreman: manage your ASICs and FPGAs remotely!

Hello Reddit!
I'd like to welcome you all to try Foreman, our miner management platform.
Demo: here
What we offer:
What we support: (user request driven - you ask, we add support)
ASICs and FPGAs:
If you're still with us, check us out. Fully free for 30 days!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to hop on our Discord.
BitcoinTalk: here
Medium: here
Twitter: here
Open-source: here
Happy Mining,
The Foreman Team
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51% attacks are morally justifiable

In this short post I want to set out my case for the moral justifiability of 51% attacks against proof of work cryptocurrencies. In the past, a 51% attack was a theoretical construct that most people didn´t seem to think would be practically achievable or lucrative. This has now changed, as hashpower can be rented on sites like Nicehash and Mining Rig Rentals for a few hours at a time. The attack delivers the attacker two prominent opportunities:
-You can orphan blocks of ¨legitimate¨ miners. This essentially means that whatever work was produced by legitimate miners during your attack became worthless. Mine a secret chain of two hours worth of blocks, release it and you orphaned 2 hours worth of blocks by your competitors. By the time most of the miners have noticed their blocks were orphaned in an attack, their nodes will have been automatically mining on your own chain for a while and it will be too late for them to do anything about it. The amount of money they lost would be equivalent to the amount you had to spend to produce your chain. Because mining is an industry with tight margins, the economic impact on these miners can be very big. The cost may be sufficient in case of a very long attack, to persuade them to quit their endeavor and get a real job.
-The more important opportunity is that you´re able to double spend your coins. This is potentially, incredibly lucrative. How lucrative it is tends to depend primarily on the inflation rate of a cryptocurrency. A low inflation rate means relatively little ¨work¨ is done to maintain the security of the system. A high inflation rate on the other hand, turns the cryptocurrency into a very poor long-term investment. As a consequence, most cryptocurrencies face declining inflation rates, that delay the problem of their ultimately unsustainability into the future. The bank of international settlements explains this issue here.
When it comes to the moral justification of a 51% attack, we first have to ask ourselves why proof of work is morally unjustifiable. There are two main reasons for this:
-Proof of work has an enormous environmental impact, that ensures future generations will have to deal with the dramatic consequences of climate change. There is no proper justification for this environmental impact, as it delivers no clear benefits over existing payment systems other than the ability to carry out morally unjustifiable actions like blackmail.
-Proof of work is fundamentally unsustainable, because of the economic burden it places on participants in cryptocurrency schemes. Cryptocurrencies can´t produce wealth out of thin air. The people who get rich from a cryptocurrency becomes rich, due to the fact that other people step in later. In this sense we´re dealing with a pyramid scheme, but the difference from regular pyramid schemes lies in the fact that huge sums of wealth are not merely redistributed, but destroyed, to sustain the scheme. The cost of the work to sustain the scheme is bigger than you might expect, because the reality is that relatively little money has entered bitcoin. JP Morgan claims that for the crypto assets at large, a fiat amplifier of 117.5 is present, as a purported $2 billion in net inflow pushed Bitcoin’s market capitalization from $15 billion to $250 billion. You have to consider that the Digiconomist estimates that $2.6 billion dollar leaves the Bitcoin scheme on an annual basis, in the form of mining costs to sustain Bitcoin. The vast majority of retail customers who entered this scheme ended up losing money from it. In some cases this lead to suicides.
The fact that proof of work is morally unjustifiable doesn´t directly lead to a moral justification for a 51% attack. After all a sane society would use government intervention to eliminate the decentralized ponzi schemes that are cryptocurrencies. There are a few things that need to be considered however:
-Governments have so far failed in their responsibility to address the cryptocurrency schemes. Instead you tend to see officials insist that proof of work might suck and most cryptocurrency is a scam, but ¨blockchain technology¨ will somehow change the world for the better. Most libertarians who saw these schemes emerge insisted that it´s stupid to participate in them because the government would eventually ban them and round up the people who participated in them. This didn´t happen because of the logistical difficulty of suppressing these schemes (anyone with an internet connection can set one up) as well as the fact that suppressing them would lend credence to the anti-government anarcho-capitalist ideology on which these schemes are based. Goverments might say ¨these schemes facilitate crime, ruin the environment and redistribute wealth from naive individuals to scammers¨, but anarcho-capitalists would insist that governments have grown so tyrannical that they want to ban you from exchanging numbers on computers.
-Because cryptocurrency is fundamentally an online social arrangement, governments have very limited influence over the phenomenon. Binance seeks to become a stateless organization, not subject to the jurisdiction of any particular government. Just as with regular money laundering and tax evasion that hides in small nations that can earn huge sums of money by facilitating these practises, governments are dependent on the actions of individuals to address these practices. Whistleblowers released the panama papers and the tax evasion by German individuals through Swiss bank accounts. Through such individuals, the phenomenon could be properly addressed. In a similar manner, cryptocurrency schemes will need to be addressed through the actions of individuals who recognize the damage these schemes cause to the fabric of society.
-The very nature of a 51% attack means that it primarily punishes those who set up and facilitate the cryptocurrency scheme in the first place. The miners who pollute our environment to satiate their own greed are bankrupted by the fact that their blocks are orphaned. The exchange operators are bankrupted due to double-spend attacks against the scams that they facilitate. When this happens, the cryptocurrency in question should lose value, which then destroys the incentive to devote huge sums of electricity to it.
Finally, there´s the question of whether 51% attacks are viable as a response to cryptocurrency. There´s the obvious problem you run into, that the biggest and oldest scams are the most difficult to shut down. In addition, cryptocurrencies that fell victim to an attack tend to move towards a checkpoint system. However, there are a few things that need to be considered here:
-51% attacks against small cryptocurrencies might not have a huge impact, but their benefit is nonetheless apparent. Most of the new scams don´t require participants to mine, instead the new schemes generally depend on ¨staking¨. If people had not engage in 51% attacks, the environmental impact would have been even bigger now.
-51% attacks against currencies that implement checkpointing are not impossible, if the checkpoints are decentrally produced. What happens in that case is a chain split, as long as the hostile chain is released at the right time. This would mean that different exchanges may get stuck on different forks, which would still allow people to double spend their cryptocurrency.
-There are other attacks that can be used against proof of work cryptocurrencies. The most important one is the block withholding attack. It´s possible for people who dislike a cryptocurrency to join a pool and to start mining. However, whenever the miner finds a valid solution that would produce a block, he fails to share the solution with the pool. This costs money for the pool operator, but it can be lucrative for the actor if he also operates a competing pool himself. In the best case it leads to miners moving to his pool, which then potentially allows him to execute a 51% attack against the cryptocurrency.
-It´s possible to put up a 51% attack bounty, allowing others to do the work for you. This works as following. You make transaction A : 100 bitcoin to exchange X, for a fee of 0.001 BTC. Once this transaction has been included in a block, you immediately broadcast a conflicting transaction with another node: You´ŕe sending those 100 bitcoin to your own wallet, but you´re also including a 50 bitcoin fee for the miners. The miners now have a strong incentive to disregard the valid chain and to start mining a new chain on an older block that can still include your conflicting transaction. Provided that pool operators are rational economic agents, they should grab the opportunity.
-Selfish mining in combination with a Sybil attack allows someone to eclipse the rest of the network, while controlling less than 51% of the hashrate. Your malicious nodes will simply refuse to propagante blocks of your competitors, thereby giving you more time to release your own block. Selfish mining will always be possible with 33% of the hashrate and as far as I can tell there are no pathways known currently to make the scheme impossible for people with 25% of the hashrate. This potentially makes a 51% attacks lucrative without having to carry out double-spend attacks against exchanges. Although double spending is a form of theft, it´s not clear to me whether a selfish mining attack would get you into legal trouble or not.


The dreaded 51% attack is a morally justifiable and potentially lucrative solution to the Nakamoto scheme.
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[EasyBTC] Web based mining control with profitability switching (2020 supported)

EasyBTC - program for automatic mining Main idea 1. Monitoring mining pools in real time. 2. Support most algorithms 3. Working with pools that have auto exchange for bitcoin 5. Monitoring the status of video cards. 6. Automatic switching of miners for profitability 7. Automatic switching of MSIAfterburner profiles. 8. Simple interface and setup. 9. Built-in benchmark algorithms.
Mining fee consists not only from electricity, but mostly from administrative tasks. You should monitor cryptocurrency prices, difficulty, exchange currencies. If you have several rigs with different series GPUs, it becomes hard work. Especially if your want to control rigs remotely.
EasyMiner try to cover all this questions. It would be useful as for newbie miners with couple GPUs, as experienced miners with multiple rigs. DOWNLOAD AND START
-Easy install. No need to find mining software, create wallets for each cryptocurrency, exchange cryptocurrency. You need just download and install app.
-Web basedcontrol center. You can control all your miners from one point.
-Auto switch miners. Mining Agent continuously checks exchange rates and difficulty of cryptocurrencies and switches to most profitable. For now, EasyMiner supports switching between Ethereum and ZCash. Tell me currencies you need. I will add them.
-Per GPU benchmarks and mining. If you have rig with different series of GPUs, Agent will load each GPU with most profitable algorithm.
-BTC payouts. All your mined coins will be exchanged to Bitcoin and transferred to your wallet.
-Detailed stats. You may see all your stats at Dashboard.
- Supports failover.
-Displays detailed mining information and hashrate for every card.
-Supports GPU selection, built-in GPU overclocking features and temperature management.
- Windows 10x64
- Nvidia GPUs 10xx series
- At least 4Gb RAM (Depends on miner)

NiceHash AhashPool ZergPool MultiPoolHub
MiningRigRentals ZPool BlazePool BlockMasters
I recommend nice and zerg, both basic and zpool in addition.
Coming Soon
- SMS alert
- Mobile app
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Hi welcome to the Reddit post! Please find below information on our pool and its current offerings. We hope that you will join us and have a happy mining experience :) We are always looking to grow our mining community and welcome any feedback so we can improve our services for our miners. Happy to get coin addition requests and help out the wider crypto community where we can!
Multi Algo/Coin Pool – PROP Payment System – 1% Fee – No Registration – ASICBoost enabled on all SHA256 pools – Auto Hourly Payments over 0.1 - Friendly & Fast Support via email and Discord – Stratum & Website DOS Protection – Protected by Cloudflare – High difficulty Mining Rig Rentals & Nicehash friendly – Stats auto update across the site – Variable Difficulty Stratums – SSL – Dedicated Coin Pool Pages – Pool News & Updates page – Segregated stratum/web and payment services for each coin to minimize downtime – Payouts are in the currency being mined – Support legacy and new address types – Worker name support and dashboard for each wallet address to track workers.
Algorithms Supported:
SHA256 / Scrypt / X11 / Lyra2v3 / Equihash / ZHash / X16rv2

Coins Supported:
Auroracoin (AUR) – Scrypt (XX46)
Axe (AXE) – X11 (XX59)
Bitcoin (BTC) – SHA256 (XX33) – ASICBoost Enabled
BitcoinAtom (BCA) – SHA256 (XX54) – ASICBoost Enabled
BitcoinCash (BCA) – SHA256 (XX34) – ASICBoost Enabled
BitcoinGold (BTG) – Equihash 144,5/ZHASH (XX44)
BitcoinSV (BSV) – SHA256 (XX64) – ASICBoost Enabled
Cannabiscoin (CANN) – X11 (XX51)
Dash (DASH) – X11 (XX40)
Deutsche eMark (DEM) – SHA256 (XX39) – ASICBoost Enabled
Digibyte (DGB) – Scrypt (XX57)
Digibyte (DGB) –SHA256 (XX37) – ASICBoost Enabled
Dogecoin (DOGE) – Scrypt (XX63)
Einsteinium (EMC) – Scrypt (XX43)
EUNO – (EUNO) – X11 (XX58)
Flo – (FLO) – Scrypt (XX52)
GameCredits (GAME) – Scrypt (XX42)
Hanacoin (HANA) – Lyra2v3 (XX55)
Horizen (ZEN) – Equihash (XX60)
Litecoin (LTC) – Scrypt (XX35)
LitecoinCash (LCC) – SHA256 (XX49) – ASICBoost Enabled
LitecoinPlus (LCP) – Scrypt (XX38)
Mincoin (MNC) – Scrypt (XX53)
Peercoin (PEER) – SHA256 (XX36) – ASICBoost Enabled
Ravencoin (RVN) – X16rv2 (XX61)
Verge (XVG) – Scrypt (XX41)
Vertcoin (VTC) – Lyra2v3 (XX50)
ZCash (ZEC) – Equihash (XX56)

Stratum Addresses & Ports:
stratum+tcp:// – Normal mining rigs & GPU’s etc
stratum+tcp:// – Mining Rig Rentals / Nicehash etc

Example normal and cloud mining stratum connections for Litecoin:

Stratum Difficulties:
Scrypt 33XX Port Vardiff = 0.1 - 9999999 | Scrypt 35XX Port Vardiff = 500001 - 9999999
SHA256 33XX Port Vardiff = 0.1 - 9999999 | SHA256 35XX Port Vardiff = 500001 - 9999999
X11 33XX Port Vardiff = 0.1 - 9999999 | X11 35XX Port Vardiff = 32 - 9999999
Lyra2v3 33XX Port Vardiff = 0.1 - 9999999 | Lyra2v3 35XX Port Vardiff = 64 - 9999999
Equihash 33XX Port Vardiff = 0.01 - 9999999 | Equihash 35XX Port Vardiff = 65535 - 9999999
Zhash 33XX Port Vardiff = 0.01 - 9999999 | Zhash 35XX Port Vardiff = 1025 - 9999999
X16rv2 33XX Port Vardiff = 1 - 9999999 | X16rv2 35XX Port Vardiff = 9 - 9999999

Get started here: (Coins, Algos, Addresses, Ports and Difficulty)

Frequently asked questions:

Pool Terms and Conditions:

Mining Support Info:
[email protected]

Social Feeds:

Kind Regards,
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Swiss Alps Mining

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy Logo, Source:
In the world of cryptocurrencies, money is not created, it is discovered and this process is known as mining. Mining started off simple, it could be done with the hardware of any computer equipment but with the passage of time the activity became profitable, leaving behind the inefficient equipment, evolving into RIG and ASIC mining farms.
Nowadays, mining farms are being built seeking the best hardware conditions with an efficient hashrate, the lowest possible electrical consumption, and favorable environmental conditions to reduce energy consumption with 'natural cooling', combining eco-friendly solutions.
Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy operating business combining: unused buildings in the Swiss Alps, environmentally friendly mining and a sophisticated mining farm called ‘Modular Cube System’ (SAM Cubes) which evolved the ‘how-to’ of a mining farm’s development.
SAE will rent out entire cubes or individual mining capacities, guaranteeing highly energy efficient and cost competitive mining. SAE will allow the possibility to rent mining facilities and the power needed can be paid in SAM tokens, offered on SAE Initial Coin Offer (ICO). Customers may also purchase cubes for their own use obtaining the necessary power from SAE and operating the cube on SAE’s premises, or deploy the cube elsewhere.
Key factors of the SAE mining farms.
In order to be profitable, it is essential to be efficient in all the factors that influence the cryptocurrency mining. SAE has taken into account a solution for all relevant factors:
Infrastructure: they take on disused structures that cannot be inhabited, which avoids the high costs in commercial property rentals.
A recovered alpine house for mining, source:
SAM Cube: mining is evolving in the creation of mining farms within adapted containers which facilitates the transport of mining farms to a new location. SAE developed its own mobile farm in prefabricated and fast-mountable SAM Cubes. The Cubes improve the transport and design of containers used for maritime transportation. They are self-contained and operate autonomously thus achieving a maximum efficient mining for maximum profit. SAM Cubes have two models available.
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Transcript of Open Developer Meeting In Discord - 5/10/2019

[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
Channel should be open now
you all rock!
just getting that out of the way :wink:
Cheers everyone.
Hi fabulous dev team!
No specific agenda today.
Has everyone seen Zelcore wallet, and Spend app?
Any major development status updates that haven't been listed in #news?
How was the meetup yesterday? I heard it would be recorded, it is uploaded anywhere yet?
And Trezor support on Mango Farm assets?
@Synicide Yes it was recorded. The Bitcoin meetup organizer has the video.
I talked about Ravencoin, but mostly about the stuff that was being built on/with/for Ravencoin.
There was about 70% overlap with folks who were at the Ravencoin meetup in March.
awesome, looking forward to watching it when it's available
I'll hit up James and see if he's posting the video.
S1LVA | GetRavencoin.org05/10/2019
@theDopeMedic I'd follow github if youre interested in development status
zelcore looks super slick. Been meaning to research its security more with the username/pw being stored on device
How is the progress on the restricted assets and testnet coming along? A secondary question would be about the approximate fork timeframe.
S1LVA | GetRavencoin.org05/10/2019
Has anyone heard from the community dev (BW) working on Dividends?
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
Any word on BW and his progress w dividends?
@S1LVA | Great question. I haven't heard.
last meeting BlondFrogs said he would try to connect with BW as he was sick with the flu at the time. Maybe he has an update
S1LVA | GetRavencoin.org05/10/2019
I've tried to get in contact, but with no success.
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
Got a funny feeling...
Last time we left off with someone mentioning a foundation and Tron saying let’s discuss that next time iirc
Has anyone taken a look at the merits for this proposal? Thoughts?
Modified X16R algorithm proposal for constant hash rate in short time
Interpretation Lens V. a0.01
I did see it. Does anyone think this is a problem?
It looks interesting... but I'm not sure what it is trying to solve. Looking at netstats, our 1 hour average block time is perfectly 1 minute
S1LVA | GetRavencoin.org05/10/2019
Last I heard from him he expressed how important finishing the code was. I wouldnt jump to conclusions on his absence within the community.
x16r by nature will fluctuate, but DGW seems to be doing a good job keeping consistent block times
Because of relatively broad distribution across the algorithms, the block times are fairly consistent. It is possible, but very, very unlikely to get a sequence that takes up to 4x longer, but that's super rare, and only 4 minutes.
We did some timing analysis of the algorithms early on. A few are 1/2 as long as SHA-256 and some are up to 4x longer. But when you randomly select 16 it usually comes out about even.
1hr avg: 1.02min - 24hr avg: 1min
I think we should focus on building, and not trying to fix what isnt necessarily broken
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
Is everyone ok with the frequency (every other week) of this discussion?
(Added thumbs down to measure)
@Jeroz Did you do thumbs-up and thumbs down?
S1LVA | GetRavencoin.org05/10/2019
Seems appropriate. Its not like the devs dont poke around here and chat anyways.
Anything critical that we should be aware of?
When I need a dev, I poke a dev. When that dev is unavailable. I poke another one :smiley:
BlondFrogs was testing some github code last month to create a dividends snapshot database of asset holders at a given blockheight. Is that planned for inclusion? That's the only thing needed for dividends.
I hope I didn’t offend any devs
With poking around
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
Was thinking voting would be an excellent use case for restricted assets. Local communities, nations, etc... could kyc their residents
Is x16r will remain fpga mineable
@Jeroz We're hard to offend.
Is the general dev feeling that the next fork should and will include everything needed for the next 6-9 months (barring something completely unforeseen)?
I know :smile:
@radiodub Nearly impossible to stop FPGAs and still keep GPUs
About that: voting is another hard fork right? Not too soon?
FPGAs can be reprogrammed as fast. It is silicon (true ASIC) that we can obsolete with a tiny change.
@Jeroz Messaging, voting, Tags, Restricted Assets would require a hard fork (upgrade).
We could do them each individually, but folks get weary of upgrades, so current plan is to roll them together into one.
Good idea
Oh voting too?
People will like that
I thought that was coming later
Voting is the one that isn't being worked on now. Tags and Restricted assets have taken precedence.
I know. But you plan on waiting to fork until voting is also done?
That would have my preference tbh
But I can see an issue with too many things at the same time
If someone wants to step in, we've had one of our devs sidelined and he was working on BlockBook support so more light wallets can connect to Ravencoin. Mostly test cases needed at this point.
S1LVA | GetRavencoin.org05/10/2019
Thats a pretty large upgrade.. Bigger surface for unknowns
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
At what point would RVN community consider moving to ASICs because having a Bitcoin level of security would eventually be needed?
Never rikki
@S1LVA | 100% Lots of testing on testnet and bounties.
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
I am here :smiley:
@Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor There's nothing inherently wrong with ASICs but it tends to centralize to data centers and less opportunity for anyone to just run their gaming rig overnight and collect RVN.
Welcome Blondfrogs
Asics are too expensive. If we want normal people to mine, then we cant be an asic network
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
@Tron True but what happens when the chain needs a Bitcoin level of protection?
More GPUs, more FPGAs
Nvidia loves ravencoin :stuck_out_tongue:
ok, so we are pro FPGAs
𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕯𝖔𝖓 𝕳𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖔 CEO ∞05/10/2019
Build it and they will come
It's all relative. It is cost to attack. If an ASIC isn't available for rent, then only option is rental of non-allocated GPUs
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
@Chill Eventually everyone will need FPGAs to be profitable on RVN, at that point I don't see why we just don't make the switch to ASICs
Also, as much as we don't focus on price, the price does matter because it determines the amount of electricity and hardware will be deployed to get the block reward. Price increase means more security, more mining means more security means higher price.
It's a circle.
someone tell that to the twitter handler
you guys adding seedphrase to desktop wallet?
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
@HailKira We will, just is not a high priority right now.
Twitter handle wants rvn ded
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
I just don't see much difference between ASIC and FPGA and I'd rather have the added nethash an ASIC will provide once GPUs are virtually kicked off the network
I'm at 11 GB future proof
That also limits miners to big money, not gaming rigs.
@Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor you have to keep in mind the 'added nethash' is all relative
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
FPGAs will limit miners to big $$$ too IMO
@kryptoshi New algo x16r-12G requires 12GB :frowning:
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
But sperating smaller gb cards would lead to less adoption if we ever become a mainstream coin.
Adpotion of mining that is
but we are a mainstream coin
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
Mains stream as in what eth did
@Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor I agree. Not a perfect solution.
Is this a Dev meeting or Algo meeting :smiley:
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
But if we ever go mem lane. We should aim for 6 or 8gb.
Open to other questions.
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
@Tron Probably not the time and the place to have this discussion as we stand currently but IMO we're gonna have this conversation for real eventually
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
Most cards have 6gb now.
Why 12 gb ? Such a massive jump
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
Would also like to know
@kryptoshi I was joking. You said you had 11GB card.
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
You got em good
I cant imaghine the face he had when he was 1gb short
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
That's what she said
need a 2080ti
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
How much does the VII have?
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
Any other questions you have for us?
@[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs You were testing some github code last month to create a dividends snapshot database of asset holders at a given blockheight. Is that planned for inclusion? That's the only thing needed for dividends.
a dev might want to contact Crypto Chico for some 'splaining
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
I still haven't contacted the developer that was working on dividends. Was pretty busy with some other stuff. I will contact him this next week, and see where we are at for that.
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
Chico doesn't do interviews, shame. Tron would be a much needed interview for his community
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
As far as releasing dividends, I can be released at anytime the code is finished and doesn't require any voting or hardfork to occur
Android asset aware wallet?
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
Is in beta right
Testing went well today on Android. Nearing release.
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
as it is a mechanism that is wallet specific
no protocol level dividends you guys are saying?
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
DM me if you want to test Android with Asset support. I'll send you the .APK.
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
RVN gonna be on tZero wallet? :yum:
why not? what is the logic on non-protocol dividends
assets + protocol dividends is nirvana
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
dividends is pretty much sending payments to addresses. Right now, you would have to do this manually. The dividends code, will allow this to be done quicker and easier.
No consensus changes are required.
New Android wallet is BIP44 and original Android wallet is BIP32/BIP39 so the words will not find the funds. You'll need to send them to another wallet, and then send them to new BIP44 derived address.
we already have payments to addresses
so dividends is not a feature so much as simple wallet script
@[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs The dividend code changes look risky'er to me than messaging. Would you consider "tags" branch test-ready?
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
Not yet @Hans_Schmidt
Dividends is easier then you would think if coded correctly. I still haven't seen the code from the community developer. Excited to view it though.
@[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs Sorry- I meant restricted, not dividend
@Tron on the Android wallet, anyone successfully added their own node and got it to sync faster? Always have issues. I have a supped up node and cannot get it to work with the Android wallet...
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
@Hans_Schmidt Oh, that makes more sense. Yes, they are very risky! That is why we are going to create a new bug bounty program for restricted assets testing.
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
Once the network does get flooded w FPGAs, should we even consider changing the algo a couple times a year? That would only give bitstream developers added time to hoard their creations for themselves
Kind of like they're already doing with their x16r bitstreams :yum:
Flooded... lol... like that hardware has mass production scale like gpus...come on dude
Bip44 wallet? :smiley:
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
@kryptoshi Eventually yes, where there's $$$ to be made, people make things happen
So can we trade from that in the new Binance Dex when RVN get listed?
@Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor Yes Soon TM lol. :soontm:
@kryptoshi There are some things we can do to speed it up. For a new wallet, it shouldn't need to sync. For recovered wallet, it needs to sync from beginning of BIP44 wallet support on iOS so words can be moved between the two.
Other options include grabbing the first derived address and looking it up on an explorer to see when it was first used and sync from there.
Another option is to add an optional number with the 12 words so it knows when to start syncing.
There isn't a good reason on an SPV wallet to sync before the seed was created.
Cool. Glad you are looking at speedup options.. :right_facing_fist: :left_facing_fist:
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
@MrFanelli™ If the binance dex support RVN deposits. I am sure you would be able to send from it
Has binance reached out for any info or anything?
I seen that we ranked in some voting competition they had on twitter
for an ama
Rikki RATTOE Sr. SEC Impresantor05/10/2019
I believe we'll need to create a fund of approximately $300,000 in order to get a BNB-RVN asset created and listed on the Binance FDEX
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
In order to work with binance we need Ravencoin integrated into Blockbook.
@MrFanelli™ I've reached back out to Binance on the AMA.
Awesome :smile:
@Tron you are a natural on the interviews... cool as a cucumber. :sunglasses:
Thanks @kryptoshi
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
Cool. We are done for today.
Please don't ask us any more questions :smiley:
Thanks everyone!!!!
[Dev-Happy] Blondfrogs05/10/2019
Cya everyone!!
S1LVA | GetRavencoin.org05/10/2019
Cya happy feet, Thanks
Thanks Tron
Seal <:cricat:> Clubber05/10/2019
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Swiss Alps Mining & Energy Gives The ‘Next Generation’ Of Crypto Mining Efficiency.

Key Factors of the SAE Mining Farms

In order to be profitable, it is essential to be efficient in all the factors that influence the cryptocurrency mining. SAE has taken into account a solution for all relevant factors:
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[CAN-ON][H]8.3gh Ethereum Mining Farm [W]Wire Transfer

[W] BITCOIN or ETHEREUM are also acceptable.

For immediate sale! My misfortune is your good luck. Due to a recent loss of our rental location, we have to move out! As a result, we are selling one of three mining farms that we have.
The farm is currently STILL running, and you can see the live status here:
The farm runs on ETHOS, with 60 paid licenses for 60 rigs. There are a total of 351 Assorted cards, made up of GTX1070, 1060, RX570 and RX580 and 1 GTX1080ti
All the rigs are in an open air configuration, mounted on racks usually 5 on a rack, sometimes 6. There are also:
13 APC 7941 PDU's
11 Extra MSI Z270 Pro Motherboards
10 Core i3 CPU's
4 128gb SSD drives
10 DDR4 4gb ram sticks
Assorted cables
Lots of ethernet cables and gigabit ethernet switches
Synology RTAC2600 Router
Price is $150,000USD FIRM. PM me if you want the farm. We will pack it up and ship it anywhere in North America for $3500 USD FEDEX or UPS.
These rigs are custom modded to use the least amount of power, and produce the most amount of hashing.
This location also have a 5ton Air Conditioning unit, with air handler, which we can remove and ship, with an added cost of $5000 + $500 Ground Shipping UPS/Fedex. This unit is only 2 months old and cost us $8000.
submitted by bigdaddyjsb to MinerSwap [link] [comments]

A simple guide for the "non-advanced" miners.

Hello everyone!
Today I would like to talk about couple topics that are related with GPU mining. Even if you have been mining for over 6 months, you might still need to read this guide for better profit. However, you might be a new miner but know everything I will be talking here, so, it is not about for how long you have been mining, it is about how well you know the mining world.
First of all, decide what type of miner you are
What I mean by "decide" is, whether you are mining for making money, or supporting a project, or just as a hobby. If you are mining for supporting a project, or as hobby, then you can skip this guide because this guide is mostly for people who are willing to make money out of their GPU or GPUs. While people with 1-2 GPUs wouldn't worry that much about money, people like me, who have over 20 GPUs would be willing to make some profit because most probably that's the reason why they have that many GPUs.
If you are looking to make profit out of your GPUs, here are some points you should be considering before mining a crypto currency.
There are thousands of different crypto currencies that can only be mined by GPUs. And their prices/difficulties/mining rewards are different. So, your main purpose should be making the MOST bucks, with the same equipment. Think of it like this, you have 10.000 USD worth of mining equipment, and there are 5 coins you can mine. And if you mine the coin A, you will be making 100USD worth of coins daily. But on the other hand, there is a coin C, which you believe in the project, and you are willing to sell some of those mined C for expenses such as electricity, and keep the rest of the C, for future investments. But, you know that by mining coin C, you are making 90 USD worth of coins daily. But since you are thinking like "hey mate, I'm gonna hodl, so no big deal, they'll be more valuable later!", you might be feeling okay.
Instead of mining like this, you should be doing something else, for making more money, but you might say "Hey dude! I also wanna keep some of the coin C, how do I do that if I don't mine it?"
Well, the answer is clear. Mine the most profitable coin at the moment, coin A. If you are willing to sell all the mined coins, coin A is the best choice for you. But if you are willing to keep some amount of coin C, it is still better if you mine coin A. First, you mine 100 USD worth coin A, then you exchange your mined coin A for coin C on the market. You will lose some amount of your mined coins due to exchange/deposit/withdrawal fees on exchanges. But even then, after transferring all mined coins A to coin C, you will be holding coin C worth around 98.5 USD.
So, while mining coin C, you were making 90USD daily, but now you mined coin A, made some exchanges, and ended up with 98.5 USD worth coin C. At the and of the day, you have more coin C than you would have if you have mined coin C. Now you can sell some of those coins to cover expenses, and hodl the rest.
Allright, this is mostly know thing, and what most of the miners do. However, the key point I would like to mention is not exactly that. I just wanted to show that even if you want to hodl some of the coins, you can hodl more of it by mining more profitable one and exchanging. Since this is clear now, we can focus the main thing I wanted to say.
We know that there are thousands of different coins and many more coming to the market everyday. So, this is actually a big opportunity for the miners. Most of the miners are using websites such as coin market cap or what to mine but these websites are not showing the recent coins, or projects. So, according to the what to mine, I would be making 35USD daily with my mining rigs. However, thanks to my personal research, I am making around 60USD daily, which is almost the double of the amount that what to mine calculates.
How do I do that? Simple, by spending little time on the internet, and finding new coins. I am mining coins that are mostly not listed on websites such as coin market cap, or what to mine, or other big mining calculators. I choose smaller / recent projects, which just got listed on a small exchange, but has enough volume that I can exchange mined coins daily. Because these coins are not listed on the big mining related websites, chances are high that you would be making more money by mining them, instead of something big. But since they have a place to get exchanged, you are lucky and you can mine + exchange and make more money.
How do I find those coins? As I mentioned before, by research. Checking the different subreddits, joining different discord channels and making friends online. There were many times my friends sent me a message like "hey mate, I found a coin which is x2-x3 times more profitable than other known ones.". Or, I'm checking middle size mining pools, which frequently add new coins to their pools. They do the important work here, they find a new coin and make it available to mine, so all I have to do becomes check the coin info for exchanges -- do the mining profit calculations -- start mining. Also you can check "BitcoinTalk" for announcements. This is all depending on you, you can check other platforms that you know, and find the most profitable coin to mine.
Also it would be better if you have a good OS for mining, since it would take a bit long if you can't change your configurations easily. Of course all these things, research, calculations, configurations etc. would costing your valuable time, but hey, if you can make x2-x3, even x5 in some cases, and you have a decent hashpower, spending time for these things would not be a problem.
Before ending my words, I would like to say one last thing. Since "more miners, higher difficulty. Higher difficulty, fewer coins and fewer coins means less profit", you might not be able to find topics like *Hey dudes, mine coin A, profit is huge" on forums. So, you should be doing your own research instead of expecting such posts.
ONE LAST, and final, THING
If you have found a coin, that is really profitable, you can mine yourself + use mining rental services. Lets say there is a mineable coin, and you can mine 100 USD worth of it in one day with 1GH/s hashing power. Then you can check, for example nicehash for this algorithm. If people are renting 1GH/s hashpower for 80 USD, you can give 80USD, rent hashpower, mine 100USD worth of coins, sell them and make 20USD profit. Without even having the GPUs yourself, you can make money just by renting hashpower if you really have found a good coin to mine.
Consider all the things I've said, and spend some time for research, and you would be making more money than you did before :)
Have a good day everyone!
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⚒️ [HASHBOOK.NET POOL] ⭐ X11 ⭐ HashbookBOT for Nicehash ⭐ MOST PROFITABLE 💰

⚒️ [HASHBOOK.NET POOL] ⭐ X11 ⭐ HashbookBOT for Nicehash ⭐ MOST PROFITABLE 💰
We are team of programmers who decided to make mining pool and increase profitability of your miners by offering best prices for crypto coins and lowest possible fee. We are running a mining pool for cryptocurrencies on our own dedicated servers. Pool is based on yiimp solution and has been heavily modified to serve our goals.

- As part of promotion we offer 0% mining fee.
- Fee transaction fee for payouts.
- There is a 2.5% fee on autoexchange just to cover trasaction costs
.- You can set payouts in any coin that is listed including BTC and LTC.
- This promotion ends on 7th of January 2019.
You can read more here:

Big miners and mining farms can request private dedicated stratum server.

Discord: on site chat for quick support

X11 Coins:
AdzCoin, Azart, Bolivar, Cannabis, DigitalCash, Euno, Fork, Futuro, Happy, KZCash, Marijuana, Monoeci, Paccoin, Pioneer, Pura, Ultra

-a x11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u [-p ]
can be one of any currency we support, or a BTC address.Required: Use -p c= to set your payout coin. Failure to do so may result in your payments being sent through the wrong coin.Optional: Use -p c=,d= to set your payout coin AND difficulty of shares.Example***:*** for BTC mining most profitable coin on X11 algorithm with payouts to BTC address and shares difficulty of 64:
-a x11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 3QvGQog3uhgH29gkJpSvJTs4YeoRBRSVRj -p c=BTC,d=64

Antminer D3 settings:
URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: c=,d=64
Nicehash and MiningRigRentals:
Stratum is Nicehash and MMR compatible. To avoid negative delta on Nicehash please use lowest difficulty allowed by nicehash. For X11 use difficulty 128.
HashbookBOT for Nicehash
Version: alpha 1
DM5 HashbookBOT.exe: a23f7109b092c83982c9a2c166980568
SHA-1 HashbookBOT.exe: 58188577edb6e1104ffc10b4464fa60decfea97c
What is HashbookBOT?
HashbookBOT is a Nicehash BOT who monitors pool profitability and coin profitability every 30 seconds. According to that results it changes speed limit on your nicehash orders. If BOT detects profitability is greater then order price on Nicehash, then BOT will set unlimited speed for that order. And if BOT detects profitability on pool is lower then pride of order on Nicehash, it will change speed limit to 0.01. Having multiple orders with different prices will result in constant hashrate and possible greater profit.

Is it hard to use?
No. You just have to add your Nicehash API. ID and KEY, add your wallet addreses (Options -> Wallets) and create orders within HashbookBOT under (Options -> Create orders).
How do I add my payout wallet?
Options -> WalletsSelect: Bitcoin, FuturoCoin or HappyCoin and enter your wallet addresses for each one.
How do I crate orders?
Options -> Create orders.
Step 1:
Coin to mine: Here you select profitability checking. There are 3 options.
- Mine most profitable coin (This option will check profitability of all coins on pool).
- FuturoCoin (This option will check profitability of FutoroCoin and your orders will open/close speed limit based on FuturoCoin profitability).
- HappyCoin (This option will check profitability of HappyCoin and your orders will open/close speed limit based on HappyCoin profitability).

Step 2:
Pool payout settings:Select payout currency. BTC, FTO or HPC. (Your have to add your wallet addresses before you continue in Options -> Wallets).

Step 3:
Placement: US or EU nicehash servers. In example: EU
Number of orders: How many orders you wish to open. In example: 3
Base price: starting price of order. In example: 0.014
Price increase: select price increse for each next order. In example: 0.002
Fill each order with: 0.010 BTC [Minimum by Nicehash]. In example: 0.010


Example: If you selected 3 number of orders first order will set price at base prace, next order will be increase by price increase value and third order will be increased by previes order price plus price increse.
Order 1: EU server with price: 0.014 and 0.010 to spend.
Order 2: EU server with price: 0.016 and 0.010 to spend.
Order 3: EU server with price: 0.018 and 0.010 to spend.

How do I start profitability cheking?
In main window select nicehash server where you just created your orders. EU or US. Then File -> Start.

Do I have to leave program running?

Before you quit program make sure you limit all orders with File -> Pause all orders to prevent any loss.
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Mining and taxes - warning and discussion

As the end of the year gets closer, I'm wondering how people are handling their taxes? This wiki covers some of the basics at a high level. I have started researching this to make sure my records are precise and understand what kind of headache this adds to the mining equation.
I had a brief chat with my tax advisor (who loves me because every year I seem to come up with new and novel things for him to make money researching) and his conclusion was that LTC or BTC received from pool mining is taxable as income at the time of receipt. You are receiving compensation in the form of coins for the use of your property (mining rigs) which is just really no different than an equipment rental business.
Unfortunately for many of us, it appears it should be based on the compensation you received at the time of service. So last week when if you earned 1 BTC you would be taxed on $1000 in income. Further, if you hold the BTC and then sold it at $2000 you would owe additional taxes on the gain from $1000 -> $2000. You probably can deduct reasonable expenses against the gain (server cost, power use).
His recommendation for pool mining is to record the amount of coins received on a weekly basis and the average USD/coin rate during that week to use that as a basis for calculating what you owe "to make it simpler than tracking every day." Unfortunately when you are mining many different coins this sounds like it can turn into a complicated venture. The biggest bad news is that you are taxed on this "income" as it happens, but if the value of the coin falls your tax burden stays the same.
For solo mining, you would be taxed on the USD value of the coin when you solve a block and get the coin, so it's much simpler to track.
It's much clearer if you just BUY coins as an investments. Then it's treated just like buying an investment. But $10k of BTC at $100, sell $100k of BTC at $1000 and you owe taxes on $90k of gain.
I'm wondering if anyone else has talked taxes and concurs with this assessment. Or if someone has an alternative theory. My tax guy, of course, aims to make sure I am compliant but it is such a new area there isn't a firm guideline for handling it yet to his knowledge. So some well written/explained documentation might change his opinions.
So how do you handle this?
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Rate these pools!

Hey guys,
I've tried a few different pools that I really like. I just learned about zpool and ckpool. I'm wondering how you would rank these pools in order of preference.
Here's mine (in order of preference):
  1. Prohashing (they just added sha-256)
  2. Slush Pool
  3. pool (auto-profit)
  4. The Blocks Factory (for Digibyte sha-256)
  5. Mining Rig Rentals
  6. Nice Hash
  7. CK Pool (just played around with)
  8. ZPool (just played around with)
  9. ViaBTC (just played around with)
How would you rate those, which would you add or subtract and why?
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My Account activity on prohashing mining rig rentals.

My Account activity on mining rig rentals.
Date Earned Virtacoin 112,489.32916335 Payout on 12/8/2016 12/7/2016 Earned Bitcoin 0.00000100 Payout on 12/7/2016 12/6/2016 Earned Virtacoin 80,434.60526397 Payout on 12/7/2016 12/6/2016
Live balances All: Expand - Collapse Virtacoin 224,554.29343903 after only 2 days of mining with more days to go.
Date Earned Virtacoin 112,489.32916335 Payout on 12/8/2016 12/7/2016
Earned Virtacoin 80,434.60526397 Payout on 12/7/2016 12/6/2016
Live balances for 2 days mining. my rental ends in 119 hrs that's approx.5 more days. and i don't use all of my btc that i bought for $75 USD. so when it's finished we can rent another one
Virtacoin 224,554.29343903 This is only 2 days mining. I put in approx. $75 USD and have 5 more days to go. Lets see what the end results will be
The virtaclin promotional fund sells 750 thousand for $100.00 USD. I already have 224,554.29343903 in just 2 days.
Lets see what the end results will be I'm new at this but looks good to me.
I'm helping virtacoins timing from your wallet to say Bluetrade etc. etc.. every little bit counts.
The virtaclin promotional fund sells 750 thousand for $100.00 USD. I already have 224,554.29343903 in just 2 days.
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Cloud Mining Advice: Genuine vs Scam Crypto Mining Sites

There are few confirmed crypto mining outfits out there that definitely do not scam people: - (not the cheapest, but they do seem to have extra bonuses making up for it - and they are solid) - (Cheaper than and more mining options but also more blurry fees)
Genesis Mining - (One of the oldest mining outfits out there. In between hashflare and in price but often sold out on BTC / Sha266 mining)
Semi/possible scams:
submitted by Electomatic to CryptocurrencyOffers [link] [comments]

Trusted cloud mining services in overview (founded 2013): Contracts (One-year contracts): SHA-256: 1.5$ for 10 GH/s -> 150$ 1TH/s -> 1950$ 13TH/s (Yet 1950$ is only 1-year rental whereas your rig will stay yours forever) Fees: 0.0035 USD per every 10 GH/s (currently approx. 30% of daily earnings) ->Hashflare Profit: 3.79$-1.5$(Hardware)-1.2775$(Maintenance)=1.01$/year per 10 GH/s -> 1313$/year per 13 TH/s
SHA-256 (real S9 Miner): 2000$ 13TH/s (cf. Hashflare 1950$) Fees: 0.003$ USD per every 10 GH/s (currently approx. 25% of daily earnings) ->S9 mining rig(1400w with 0.1$ Cost pet KW/h) Profit: 3.79$-1.53$(Hardware)-1.095$(Maintenance)=1.16$/year per 10 GH/s -> 1508$/year per 13 TH/s (cf. Hashflare 1313$) But keep in mind that you can sell your hardware at any time as it stays yours forever (not 1-Year Contract) Profit w/o hardware: 3.79$-1.095$(Maintenance)=2.7$/year per 10 GH/s -> 3510$/year per 13 TH/s
*As you pay only for the hardware, you have to pay for the maintenance fees in both cases.
Conclusion: If you decide to buy your own hardware it will will stay yours forever. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you need a storage place for your mining rig and have to deal with the noise, so it should not be turned on 24/7 in your apartment.
Scrypt: 7.5$ for 1 MH/s -> 3750$ for 500 MH/s Fees: 0.01$ per every 1 MH/s (currently approx. 62% of daily earnings) ->(cf. real miner only 15%) Profit: 9.54$-7.5$(Hardware)-5$(Maintenance)=-2.96$/year per 1 MH/s -> -1480$/year per 500 MH/s)
Scrypt(real L3+ Miner): 5$ for 1 MH/s -> 2500$ for 500 MH/s Fees: 0.0038$ per every 1 MH/s (currently approx. 15% of daily earnings) ->L3+ mining rig (800w with 0.1$ Cost pet KW/h) Profit: 9.54$-5$(Hardware)-1.387$(Maintenance)=3.153$/year per 1 MH/s -> 1576$/year per 500 MH/s But keep in mind that you can sell your hardware at any time as it stays yours forever (not 1-Year Contract) Profit w/o hardware: 9.54$-1.387$(Maintenance)=8.153$/year per 1 MH/s -> 4076.5$/year per 500 MH/s
Conclusion: At this point I strongly advise not to buy any Scrypt contracts on Hashflare since you will end up losing money by doing so unless LTC suddenly skyrockets.
As other Hashflare contracts (Zero-fee contracts) are not profitable in my opinion, I will only briefly summarize the results: ETHASH: 2.2$ for 100 KH/s -> 220$ for 10 MH/s -> yields approx. 153$/year (0.51ETH), thus you will lose 67$ unless ETH goes magically up X11: 3.2$ for 1 MH/s -> 320$ for 100 MH/s -> yields approx. 60$/year (0.2 DASH), thus you will lose 260$ unless DASH goes magically up EQUIHASH: 2$ for 1 H/s -> 200$ for 100 H/s -> yields approx. 127$/year (0.54 ZEC), thus you will lose 73$ unless ZEC goes magically up
To sum it up, of course you can try your luck and hope that one of the altcoins will skyrocket to the moon and then you will make some money by joining these contracts. Nevertheless, you could also simply buy the following altcoin and make some money by simply holding the altcoin currency on an exchange. So as far as I am concerned, the only reasonable contract in Hashflare at the moment is the SHA-256 Contract. (founded 2013): Eobot offers several contracts like Cloud Folding, SETI, Scrypt etc. Though they are not very profitable and thus I dont want to discuss them in detail. The only reasonable contract would be the SHA-256 5-Year Rental: 6.8$ for 10 GH/s (cf. Hashflare only 1.5$) but also keep in mind that it is a 5 Year Contract and not one year contract(cf. 1.5$*5=7.5$ for 5-Year Hashflare SHA-256).
SHA-256 5-Year Rental: 6.8$ for 10 GH/s Fees: 0.0021$ per every 10 GH/s (cf. Hashflare 0.0035$) Profit: 3.79$-(6.8$/5=1.36$)-0.77$(Maintenance)=1.66$/year per 10 GH/s -> 2158$/year per 13 TH/s (cf. Hashflare 1313$) 2013): Hashnest belongs to BitMain(world's foremost producer of ASIC bitcoin mining hardware) and offers you different cloud mining possibilities. What is interesting about this site is the fact that you can buy other people´s cloud mining power vice versa (can sell it back at any time) on the Market. It is very beginner-friendly since they have the possibility to start with as little as 8000 Satoshi and buy 1 GH/s. Yet keep in mind that the withdrawal fee is 20.000 Satoshi, so you should invest at least 40.000 Satoshi in order to make some money after the withdrawal fees are deducted.
Contracts (lifetime): AntL3+: 7$ for 1 MH/s -> 3500$ for 500 MH/s (cf. L3+ mining rig discussed above) Fees: 0.0027$ USD per every 1 MH/s (currently approx. 10% of daily earnings) Profit: 9.57$-7$(Hardware)-0.98$(Maintenance)=1.59$/year per 1MH/s -> 795$/year per 500 MH/s (cf. Hashflare - 1480$) But keep in mind that you can sell your hardware at any time and it is a lifetime contract so it stays yours forever (no 1-Year Contract) Profit w/o hardware: 9.57$-0.98$(Maintenance)=8.59$/year per 1MH/s -> 4295$/year per 500 MH/s
AntS9: 3.51$ for 10 GH/s -> 351$ 1TH/s -> 4563$ 13TH/s (cf. Hashflare 1950$) Fees: 0.0019$ USD per every 10 GH/s (currently approx. 18.5% of daily earnings) Profit: 3.79$-3.51$(Hardware)-0.69$(Maintenance)=-0.4$/year per 10 GH/s -> -533$/year per 13 TH/s But keep in mind that you can sell your hardware at any time and it is a lifetime contract so it stays yours forever (no 1-Year Contract) Profit w/o hardware: 3.79$-0.69$(Maintenance)=3.1$/year per 10 GH/s -> 4300 $/year per 13 TH/s (cf. Hashflare 1313$)
AntS7: 2.45$ for 10 GH/s -> 245$ 1TH/s -> 3185$ 13TH/s (cf. Hashflare 1950$) Fees: 0.0041$ USD per every 10 GH/s (currently approx. 40% of daily earnings) Profit: 3.79$-2.45$(Hardware)-1.49$(Maintenance)=-0.15$/year per 10 GH/s -> -195$/year per 13 TH/s But keep in mind that you can sell your hardware at any time and it is a lifetime contract so it stays yours forever Profit w/o hardware: 3.79$-1.49$(Maintenance)=2.3$/year per 10 GH/s -> 2990$/year per 13 TH/s (founded 2014; discussing only small contracts, bigger contracts cheeper) BTC (Lifetime contract): 1.5$ for 10 GH/s -> 30$ for 200 GH/s -> 150$ for 1TH/s -> 1950$ for 13 TH/s Fees: 0.0028$ per every 10 GH/s (currently approx. 29% of daily earnings) Profit: 3.79$-1.5$(Hardware)-1.02$(Maintenance)=1.27$/year per 10 GH/s -> 1651$/year per 13 TH/s (cf. Hashflare 1313$) But keep in mind that it is a lifetime contract so the hardware stays yours as long as profitable Profit w/o hardware: 3.79$-1.02$(Maintenance)=2.77$/year per 10 GH/s -> 3601$/year per 13 TH/s
Contracts (2 years w/o fees) ETH: 30$ for 1 MH/s -> 300$ for 10 MH/s Profit: 15.31$*2-30$(Hardware)= 0.62$/2 years per 1 MH/s -> 6.2$/2 years per 10 MH/s
LTC: 14$ for 1 MH/s -> 28$ for 2 MH/s -> 140$ for 10 MH/s Profit: 9.57$*2-14$(Hardware)= 5.14$/2 years per 1 MH/s -> 51.4$/2 years per 10 MH/s
ZCASH: 48$ for 25H/s Profit: 31.78$*2-48$(Hardware)= 13.56$/2 years per 25H/s
MONERO: 50$ for 60H/s Profit: 32.58$*2-50$(Hardware)= 15.16$/2 years per 60H/s
DASH: 6$ for 1 MH/s -> 30$ for 5 MH/s -> 60$ for 10 MH/s Profit: 0.59$*2-6$(Hardware)= -4.82$/2 years per 1 MH/s -> -48.2$/2 years per 10 MH/s
Best contracts at the moment: Genesis Mining: SHA-256-> 1651$/year per 13 TH/s Hashflare: SHA-256 -> 1313$/year per 13 TH/s Eobot: SHA-256 -> 2158$/year per 13 TH/s (*buying a 5yr contract, thus the outcome may be quite unpredictable!) Hashnest: L3+ -> 795$/year per 500 MH/s
This review should not be taken as financial advice, merely an analysis of current options. Since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, cloud mining as well as mining in general involve certain risks e.g. difficulty increase, price drops etc. If you have any additional information or questions feel free to comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible :)
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Mining rig rental

signed up for last night. Rented 6 rigs, 2 scrypt, 2 Sha256 and 2 X11. I used the website's pool, ran each rig for 7 hours. I lost 0.00288 bitcoin when all was said and done. What am I doing wrong? Why would anyone mine if it's a losing game?
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Wednesday December 14th Pre-Market Stock Movers & News

Good morning traders of the StockMarket sub! Happy Fed Wednesday! Here are your pre-market stock movers & news for today-


Frontrunning: December 14












  • SGYP
  • ONVO
  • XON
  • JOY
  • MSFT
  • CXO
  • MITT
  • ACN
  • REPH
  • SAGE
  • IBM
  • ABM
  • BAC
  • NDSN
  • NKE
  • JNJ
  • QCOM
  • GILD
  • INTC
  • AMGN
  • SKM
  • BLBD
  • PIR
  • LGF


Joy Global — The mining equipment maker reported adjusted quarterly profit of 17 cents per share, matching estimates, while revenue fell short of analysts' forecasts as the commodity price slump continues to impact Joy Global's customers.


Express Scripts — The pharmacy benefits manager reaffirmed its adjusted 2017 earnings guidance, and raised its overall outlook stemming from tax benefits related to its disposition of its PolyMedica unit. It is also revising its methodology for reporting network claims.


Nvidia — Evercore upgraded the graphics chipmaker's stock to "buy" from "hold," even after a 181 percent year-to-date run up, noting that 2017 should be another good year for AI-related offerings.


21st Century Fox — Brean Capital upgraded the media company's stock to "buy" from "hold," saying the sell-off following Fox's bid to buy the rest of Britain's Sky was overdone.


Wells Fargo — Regulators imposed new sanctions on the bank because of deficiencies in its "living will" plan should it ever find itself on the verge of bankruptcy. It's the first time penalties have been imposed on a bank since the "living will" provisions were created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.


Hertz Global — Hertz announced the retirement of Chief Executive Officer John Tague, as well as the departure of three of the car rental company's longest serving board members. Former GE executive Kathryn Marinello was chosen as the new CEO, an appointment that was endorsed by investor Carl Icahn, the largest Hertz shareholder.


Alphabet — Alphabet's Google unit is reportedly racing to hire more conservatives for its lobbying arm, according to Reuters, after years of enjoying President Barack Obama's support and positioning itself for a Hillary Clinton presidency.


Johnson & Johnson — Johnson & Johnson has dropped is bid for Swiss drugmaker Actelion. However, Actelion confirmed it is in talks about a "strategic transaction," with both Reuters and Dow Jones reporting that France's Sanofi is the company talking with Actelion.


Goldman Sachs — Goldman is reportedly planning to announce the elevations of investment banking head David Solomon and chief financial officer Harvey Schwartz to be CEO Lloyd Blankfein's top lieutenants. The announcement could come as soon as today, following the announced departure of Gary Cohn to join the Trump administration. CNBC has previously reported the impending elevation of Solomon.


General Motors — GM asked the Supreme Court to overturn an earlier ruling that its 2009 bankruptcy filing did not shield it from lawsuits related to its faulty ignition switches. The switches have been linked to 124 deaths and 275 injuries.


United Parcel Service, FedEx — UPS and FedEx are both struggling to keep up with the surge in holiday orders, according to a Wall Street Journal article. The paper said shipping volumes have surged past expectations and delayed some of the millions of orders that have been placed since Thanksgiving.




Valeant — The drugmaker's shares could come under pressure following news that Bill Ackman's Pershing Square sold some of its stake in the drugmaker to generate a loss for tax purposes. The sale lowered Pershing's stake to 7.8 percent from 9 percent.




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What is on everyone's radar for today's trading day ahead here at StockMarket?

Hope you all have a wonderful trading day ahead here on this Wednesday December the 14th! :)

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Gentleman...Raise your Prices!

The last few days have been absolutely insane for SHA-256 mining, with a brand new contender gaining nearly half of Bitcoin's overall processing power in a matter of weeks. Enter Paycoin, GAW Miner's attempt to mainline bitcoin to the people. Whether this altcoin is a flash in the pan or the next biggest thing is quite unknown, but what is known is that rental rates over at MiningRigRentals have gone up dramatically, with nearly every available SHA-256 algo machine being rented out for max times. Prices have effectively been increased 10X rates, with many of the rental operators unaware of this shift, renting for far below the current rates.
I am a consummate bitcoin bull, and this event is the best thing that has hit SHA-256 miners in almost a year. Considering if this alt coin takes off it could undoubtedly be merge mined with BTC in the future, even if it is a flash in the pan, it's an incredibly profitable one and if you are mining SHA-256, raise your rates!
If you aren't setup to rent your rigs yet, I highly recommend trying it, 10-20X increase over what you can mine on a pool is worth stopping what you are doing and signing up.
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Mining Rig Rentals, Is it still profitable? Basic way to calculate your profit They Pay My Rent - Mining Rigs Tour - YouTube Another mining problem! Mining rig rentals! Best Nicehash Alternative - Renting your Mining Rigs W/ Mining Rig Rentals - Tutorial Mining Rig Rentals - Are They Worth It?

Mining Rig Rentals Review – Lease and Rent Rigs! This is a brilliant platform that enables you to lease and rent bitcoin and other mining rigs that work on different algorithms. I have found this site very easy to use and much more profitable than mining at any multi-pool. Mining Rig Rentals allows you to set all of the parameters from price to amount of time you wish ... Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. Tags. bitcoin-mining cloud-mining rent-mining-rig. Mining Rig Rentals (sometimes referred to as MiningRigRentals, MRR) was added by Danilo_Venom in Dec 2017 and the latest update was made in Feb 2019.The list of alternatives was updated Jan 2020.It's possible to update the information on Mining Rig Rentals or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. Mining Rig Rentals service has been developed from the ground up by miners for the mining community. The domain of was registered in February 2014. The site have been active since April that year. The owners describe themselves as “the eHarmony of the mining community” and list their address as New York City on their Twitter page. However aside from this, there is no ... Mining Rig Rentals is a company offering a way to rent or lease crypto mining rigs. The site of the company was officially registered only in winter 2015, while the work of the pool started in spring 2014. The company's slogan fully reflects its attitude to the quality of its activities: "The eHarmony of the mining community". Mining Rig Rentals: Services, Features, Benefits and Implications. MiningRigRentals is a cloud mining platform suitable for newcomers and experienced miners who are looking for an opportunity to work with new methods and equipment. This service started as a tool for the members of the mining community in 2014.

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Mining Rig Rentals, Is it still profitable? Basic way to calculate your profit

Some problems with mining rig rentals - so I've decided to take my boxes off there and mine somewhere else, namely hashvault, hopefully profits will be better there! Mining Rig Rentals - Are They Worth It? Mining rig rentals are becoming a ever increasing popular way to pick up different coins that you may be interested in. Don't have a mining rig? Don't worry, you can purchase hashpower from others and use their equipment to mine the coins you want. Don't worry, you can purchase hashpower from others and use their ... Mining Rig Rental 24 hrs later profit?.. Hey guys quick update video on the MRR that I did a video on. I think we made out pretty good. Let me knw what you think. don't forget to check out the new ... Just want to show you guys my 2 mining systems that actually pays my rent. Luckly my rent isn't a lot :P *****...