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[NP]General Knowledge questions from today's IIFT exam

  1. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) or Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is a trade agreement among twelve Pacific Rim countries, signed on 4 February 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. Which of the following countries is not a member of TPP? a. Mexico b. United States c. Vietnam d. Indonesia
  2. Match each Brand with the most appropriate Industry Type it represents:
Brands Industry Type (a) Facebook (i) Financial Services (b) Louis Vuitton (ii) Business Sevices (c) VISA (iii) Technology (d) UPS (iv) Luxury (e) Accenture (v) Transport
a. (a)-iii, (b)-v, (c)-i , (d)-iv, (e)-ii b. (a)-iii, (b)-v, (c)-ii , (d)-iv, (e)-i c. (a)-iii, (b)-iv, (c)-i , (d)-v, (e)-ii d. (a)-ii, (b)-iv, (c)-v , (d)-iii, (e)-i
  1. Which of the following best represents the baking soda. a. Potassium Carbonate b. Sodium Chloride c. Potassium hydroxide d. Sodium Bicarbonate
  2. Which of the following country was not there in the UEFA Euro 2016 (sports tournament) quarter-final? a. Iceland b. Poland c. England d. Italy
  3. Alvin Toffler (October, 1928 – June, 2016) was an American writer and futurist, known for his works discussing modern technologies, including the digital revolution and the communication revolution, with emphasis on their effects on cultures worldwide. Toffler was an associate editor of Fortune magazine. Identify the book authored by Alvin Toffler from the following list a. Previews and Premises b. The fourth Protocol c. The End of Eternity d. The Time Machine
  4. Which of the following Indian States share border with multiple countries. a) Manipur b) Mizoram c) Tripura d) Bihar e) Sikkim f) West Bengal g) Assam a. (f), (e), (a) and (g) b. (b), (f), (g) and (e) c. (a), (f), (b) and (c) d. (f), (c), (e) and (a)
  5. General elections were held in Myanmar on 8th November 2015. This has been first openly-contested election held in the country since 1990. Which political party won the highest number of seats? a. National League for Democracy b. United Socialist Party c. Union Solidarity and Development Party d. National Peoples Party
  6. Sustainable Development Goals have replaced. a. Millennium Environment Goals b. Sustainable Environment Goals c. Millennium Development Goals d. Sustainable Triple Bottom line Goals
  7. Match the following Organizations with the location of its Headquarter.
Organization Headquarter (a) World bank (i) Brussels (b) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (ii) Washington (c) Amnesty International (iii) Frankfurt (d) Food and Agricultural Organization (iv) London (e) European Central Bank (v) Rome (f) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (vi) Paris
a. (a)-ii, (b)-i,(c)-v, (d)-iv, (e)-iii, (f)-vi b. (a)-vi, (b)-iii,(c)-iv, (d)-v, (e)-i, (f)-ii c. (a)-i, (b)-iii,(c)-v, (d)-iv, (e)-vi, (f)-ii d. (a)-ii, (b)-i,(c)-iv, (d)-v, (e)-iii, (f)-vi
  1. What was the theme of the 2016 National Youth Festival of India? a) Youth For Better India b) Celebrating Diversity in Unity c) India Youth for Skill, Development and Harmony d) Youths for Drug free world
11 Which Indian player has created junior world record in “Javelin throw” In July 2016? a. Neeraj Chopra b. Annu Rani c. Rajesh Bind d. Devendra Jhajharia
12 which global credit information company is associated with Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL)? a. Moody b. Standard and Poor c. American Express d. TransUnion
Questions no. 13
  1. What is the currency of Bulgaria? a. Lev b. Lira c. Lek d. Loto
  2. Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. Commissioned 2 units each of 14 Megawatt at the Salma Hydro Electric Project in 2016. Identify the country where this project is located. a. Nigeria b. Iran c. Turkmenistan d. Afghanistan
  3. “Satyameva Jayate” inscribed on one side of all Indian Currency, has been derived from which of the following ancient Indian scripture? a. Mundaka Upanishad b. Rigveda c. Ramayana d. None of these
  4. Which country inaugurated the first electric road in the world for hybrid heavy transport? a. Sweden b. Poland c. Iceland d. France
18 Panama canal expansion project is also referred to a. Dead Locks b. Third set of Locks c. New Horizon d. Cut across the Sea
  1. Which of the following has acquired Jabong in July 2016? a. Shopclues b. Snapdeal c. Amazon d. Myntra
  2. Match the movie personality on whose life it is based.
Movies Personalities (a) The Social Network (i) Aung San Suu Kyi (b) The Special Relationship (ii) Mark Zukerberg (c) The Lady (iii) Stephen Hawking (d) The Theory of Everything (iv) Tony Blair
a. a-iii, b-iv, c-i, d-ii b. a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-iii c. a-ii, b-i, c-iv, d-iii d. a-iv, b-iii, c-i, d-ii
  1. The 2016 Joint military Exercise “Maitree” has been conducted between India and which of the following countries? a. Indonesia b. Maldives c. Malaysia d. Thailand
  2. What is director identification number (DIN)? a. An identification number which the individual company allots to the internal director b. A number which the Central Government allots to any individual intending to be appointed as director or to any existing director of an company. c. A number which the SEBI allots to any individual intending to be appointed director or to any existing director of a company. d. A number which the Central Government allots to retired directors so as to enter in data base.
  3. Which of the following is not an elected post in India? a. President b. Prime Minister c. Governor d. Chief Minister
  4. Bitcoin is? a. A type of new coin introduced by USA b. A type of Digital currency that uses cryptography c. A type of currency used by Paytm. d. A type of commemorative coins issued by Mints.
  5. Match the Bollywood actors with their debut Hindi film:
Actors Films a. Shahrukh Khan (i) Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya b. Sushmita Sen (ii) Dastak c. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (iii) Refugee d. Rani Mukherjee (iv) Deewana e. Kareena Kapoor (v) Raja ki aayegi Baraat
a. a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-v, e-iii b. a-ii, b-iv, c-iii, d-v, e-i c. a-iv, b-v, c-iii, d-ii, e-i d. a-iv, b-ii, c-i, d-v, e-iii
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[request] support immigrants,refugee rights and #postnationalism for a united globe

*I'm new to /Assistance/ but I'm not new to supporting immigrants and refugees of ALL stripes. #postnationalism is for people who look past their country of birth to a 'united' globe.
Looking around the world it seems that almost everywhere nationalism is on the rise. In the US polling shows the Tea Party movement supported by a third of Americans, and a major belief of the Tea Party is anti-immigration. In this years European elections the Eurosceptic EFDD alliance had almost 11 million votes despite running in only 7 countries. France's EU election had the Front National take home the most seats. Golden Dawn was the party that received the third most votes in Greece. In this year's Swedish election the ultra-nationalism Sweden Democrats finished with the third highest seat count. In this year's Hungarian election Jobbik received 20% of the popular vote. Of course there was the Scottish referendum which came with 6% of having a Yes victory.
And there is the ongoing war in the Ukraine demonstrating both Ukrainian and Russian nationalism. Than there is the remilitarization of Japan showing that this is not just a European phenomena. (mods excuse me if this is politics but it's more like charity for the weakest among us, the lowly migrant worker.)
TLDR; Support migrant workers, Donate Bitcoin:
(or come help out at /postnationalist)
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Anarchast Ep 236 Suzzanne Tarkowski Templehof: An Anarchist Trying to Help Refugees. WHATS going on with Sweden!? Gavin Mcinnes wants to learn - Angry Foreigner interview Bitcoin bei über 10.000 $! Bald 50.000 $?! Refugees attempting to perform in Stockholm Open Borders Spread Disease - Sweden's Hospital Crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis in several parts of Europe has been going on for months, as tensions in the country continue to escalate. While some European nations have pledged to accept thousands of refugees, border countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan are approaching “a dangerous saturation point” according to the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and ... I n the border city of Cúcuta, Venezuelan refugees stream into Colombia, searching for food to feed their families.Years of high inflation, projected to top 1 million percent, has turned ... Aber diese Jungschwachmaten, die heute „refugees welcome“ palavern, statt sich gegen die Kriege „unserer Eliten“ aufzulehnen, werden die fette Rechnung noch verdient bekommen … für Euch wird es weder soziale Sicherheit noch Renten geben, ganz sicher nicht. Dafür Chaos am Fließband. Sweden could soon be a big advocate of bitcoin. Also read: Visa: 2015 is the “Year Of Payments,” Bitcoin a Major Player Sweden: The Potential Bitcoin Economy. In what could easily be the biggest “opening” for digital currency, Sweden is looking to swear off fiat money for good. That means no more paper money, no more coins, virtual means from here on out. Audio: Excerpt of Robert Spencer’s discussion of ‘Rating America’s Presidents’ with Dennis Prager September 17, 2020; Al-Qaeda top dog Zawahiri calls Trump peace plan ‘Crusade of the Century’ September 17, 2020 Catholic spokesman evades question about whether Catholics and Muslims worship the same God September 17, 2020;

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Anarchast Ep 236 Suzzanne Tarkowski Templehof: An Anarchist Trying to Help Refugees.

Talk to Al Jazeera S2016 • E13 Sweden's backlash: Why the tide is turning for refugees? Talk to Al Jazeera - Duration: 25:27. Al Jazeera English 674,522 views 25:27 Sweden recently got in the global spotlight over ebola, when a Swede traveling Africa returned home and had to be quarantined. It turned out to be a false alarm, but people dropped it surprisingly ... On September the 9th elections will be held in Sweden. These elections are perhaps the most important in the contry's history. It will decide who will form g... I arrived in Sweden 1993 as a war refugee from Bosnia. Angry Foreigner is now the biggest political youtube-channel in Sweden. And as a Swedish citizen used to the Swedish standard, I'm surprised ... Jeff interviews past Anarchist guest, Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof of Bitnation from a situation of helping refugees in Northern Italy, most of who are past colleagues or employees of hers. Topics ...